BitRaser File Eraser:

BitRaser File Eraser is a privacy-protecting software that completely erases confidential files, folders, volumes, Internet browser history, saved login passwords, app traces, etc., kept on laptop, desktop & server, beyond the reach of data recovery. The program addresses the daily media disinfection needs of companies and people through the secure erasure of data. It allows you to plan to remove data and keep all deleted files in detail.

Features of BitRaser File Eraser:

By ensuring their total and absolute erasure are not within the realm of recovery, BitRaser for File offers you a solution to protect your information from unauthorized persons and parties’ access. It doesn’t mean that all your information is destroyed if you reformat your laptop or desktop. Robust data recovery programs are intended to trace all your data in your computer’s most profound recesses. It means that any information you thought your discs would be wiped out can be collected.

Permanently delete files:

Users can permanently delete files, directories, web history, program traces, etc. via this data eraser software. Even though you are utilizing data recovery software, you will not retrieve it when wiped using BitRaser files.

Delete Messages from Chat:

Many chat messengers such as Yahoo, ICQ, or Skype can utilize worldwide for business and personal use. This chat program tends to retain all your history of chat and contact details at any moment. The user can safely remove all data traces stored by these applications with the BitRaser File eraser tool.

Erasing Search Data:

Stellar BitRaser for File user interface helps users to look for the deletion file. The user can search the file name or by file extension. It lists the files you have looked for promptly in its quick algorithm and allows the user to remove files from the list.

Erasing Algorithms Different:

The utility for the BitRaser delete file allows users to choose the delete algorithm. It gives 17 international standard delete methods. Some algorithms are the Russian Standard GOST-R, British HMG IS5, NATO standard, Guttmann, and the USA DoD, provided by this Stellar file deletion tool.

Erasure report generation:

The software generates a data erasure certificate with extensive reports deleted in pdf file format after a successful erasure operation has been completed. For different legislative and regulatory compliance, such statements may be needed.

Use BitRaser Access Password:

It includes password protection capabilities to stop unauthorized program access and prevent other users from running BitRaser. The BitRaser reports can only be seen and the data erased by a user with a password.

Internet Files Deletion:

Stellar BitRasers for File allows users to delete their Internet history, e-mail logins, auto form fill data, etc. It is available on all major browsers such as Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.

Stellar Bitraser File EraserTool has performed several tasks:

Stellar File Bitraser removes chosen files and folders, cleans unused space or hard disc drive, and wipes tracks from the internet and system. You can choose between numerous wiping algorithms that are safe to use with US government doD guidelines with the data eraser software. It gives you several deletion alternatives, which are catered for ‘Delete,’ ‘Wipe away Settings,’ and ‘Advance’, and it configures the software function.

Using method of Bitrass file eraser:

  • Official website downloads the software. The software provides a free 30-day trial, which allows the customer to test the product a lot before deciding to purchase the tool.
  • Double-click on and follow the instructions to install the software on your PC.
  • You can run the tool from the Program menu any time once the installation is complete.
  • If you open the program, four options are provided: removal of tracks, deletion of data, removal of files & folders, and deletion of traces.
  • Select the choice that you wish to make and, in the lower right, click Erase Now.

Final Verdict:

Sensitive and critical information such as company plans, ATM codes, financial data, contracts, deals, and more could be misused, which is disastrous for you. This is prevented by BitRaser for File. BitRaser deletes from Files, folders, and discs everything you select, with no hope of recovery. The program is also straightforward to use. You just have to launch the system and choose the files from your computer that you want to wipe. It can also remove Internet caches, browsing information, history, favorites, etc.

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