Branded Merchandising: Why and How Should You Generate Brand Awareness

As an over $23.3 billion industry, it’s safe to say that branded merchandising is here to stay. To use branded merchandising effectively, you must first know what branding is.

Branding is any type of messaging that combines image and text to give consumers the full scope of what you offer and what you’re all about. It can come in the form of promotional merchandise, catchy slogans, colorful logos, the way you interact with your clients, and the social message activities with which you engage.

Branding isn’t one thing. It’s several things. And if you want to know how to generate it, follow these steps.

  1. Harness Social Media

Before we get to the topic of brand merch, which you should totally be doing, let’s talk about social media. It’s where your customers are, how they engage, and they want to interact with you on it.

That means your branding should include a robust social media presence. Lock down your profiles on every network, both established and up-and-coming.

From there, post regularly about your products and industry. Make sure your text, videos, infographics, and memes, are engaging. You can do this by making people laugh, making them think, or asking for their feedback.

  1. Connect With Beneficial Partners

When it comes to custom company merchandising, you can really make an impact. It drives impressions and keeps your brand out there in the real world with little effort. However, you probably don’t want to handle it all on your own.

To generate the type of custom brand merchandise that people will use and remember you for, it’s important to source the right partners. This could be a combination of partnerships for materials, manufacturing, storage, and shipping.

  1. Conduct a Meaningful Giveaway

Your custom brand march is among the many types of meaningful giveaways that you can host. You can do this through both social media and local entities like your chamber of commerce. Make your giveaway enticing enough so people will want to share it.

You can do this by coming up with prize packages alongside other companies. Offer multiple entries to encourage people to share. Find ways of getting your users to do the work of marketing for you.

  1. Do Events

Custom brand merchandise also leaves quite an impression at marketing events and expos. If taking part in events, make sure you’re doing the right types of events.

If you are a business-to-consumer (B2C) company, then your efforts won’t do as much good at a business-to-business (B2B) event. Choose wisely, and attend the events with the most impact.

Also, consider special offerings at these events to further engage your target audience. Custom-embroidered merchandise is one example that you can bring to the table, and these custom embroidery tips will help you capitalize.

  1. Be Strategic With Paid Advertising

Finally, get ready to do some paid advertising, but make the most of those marketing dollars. You can do this by amplifying organically successful posts and messages. Use the analytics of sites like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, to laser-focus your audience, and you’ll get a higher return on investment.

Branded Merchandising Gets More Than Just Your Name Out There

Branded merchandising is a way to spread awareness for your brand and your messaging. It tells people what you’re about and why they should remember you. It can also turn your followers into brand evangelists that help spread the word about the great things you’re doing.

Try it for yourself and feel the impact. For more marketing and business tips, check out some of our additional posts!

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