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Outdoor advertising is improving from year to year, new types and designs are constantly emerging. Various methods of printing in BSPROMO, materials for making constructions are being developed and the requirements for images and design are being increased.

Today, more and more firewalls are beginning to be used in Spain. They have long been used in a number of Western countries, particularly in the United States. And Japan and China do not bypass these types of outdoor advertising. And all because firewalls demonstrate a high level of effectiveness.

The design is a huge billboard, which is installed on the wall of the building. Optimal sizes, according to accepted standards, are 6 to 3 meters. However, it is possible to order shields of other dimensions, depending on the features of the building. Some designs can reach an area of 100 square meters and more, and serve to increase brand recognition or company. This is a great way to get ahead of the competition and get new customers.

Pros and cons of large format digital printing

The advantages of firewalls include, first of all:

  • The ability to attract the attention of a huge number of people. Every day people go to and from work, walk in the city center, sit in a cafe or restaurant and see a big bright billboard. Of course, advertising is imprinted in the memory, and when making a decision to buy a particular product, people immediately remember the brand or product that they saw on the billboard;
  • Firewalls can be seen from many meters. And if it is installed on a high-rise building, then for several kilometers. This allows you to increase the area of coverage of the target audience;
  • The design for such a shield is chosen very carefully, and therefore the shield boasts brightness and spectacularity. The image printed on the billboard is hard to forget.

At the same time, you should remember that the result depends on both the canvas and the quality of printing. Therefore, it is best to contact a reliable printing center BSPROMO, in addition to large-format printing, you can buy promotional stands ROLL UP and Fly banner – Banderolas Publicitarias.

There are only two disadvantages. The first is the high cost of manufacturing and renting space. Indeed, the canvas must be very strong, and the image on it must have a very high resolution in order to maintain the sharpness and clarity of the picture. The second disadvantage is that not all cities have buildings that allow you to place such a large canvas on the end wall. This means that there may be problems with placement.

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