BRC-20 Ranking Now Live on BitKeep Wallet

BitKeep is a decentralized multi-chain Web3 wallet that provides a comprehensive range of services to over 10 million users across 168 countries worldwide. In May, BitKeep announced its plan to integrate with the Bitcoin ecosystem fully. All BitKeep Wallet users can now create or import BTC Taproot addresses on their mobile devices and browser plug-ins. This integration also allows users to manage the deposit and withdrawal of BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin Ordinals (NFTs) on the BitKeep Wallet platform.

To enhance the user experience, BitKeep has recently launched a new feature called BRC-20 Ranking. The feature provides users with real-time updates on BRC-20 token price fluctuations, 24-hour top gainers and losers, the number of holders, and transaction volume. The ranking feature aims to make it easier for mobile users to engage with the Bitcoin ecosystem and provides a comprehensive solution for tracking token prices and market trends. Currently, the ranking feature includes the top 100 most popular BRC-20 tokens.

BitKeep has been actively monitoring new protocols such as BRC-21 and has plans to provide more diversified support and services in line with market trends and user requirements. The integration of new protocols will enable users to access a more extensive variety of tokens and services, enhancing their overall experience with BitKeep Wallet.

Recently, BitKeep also announced its plans for a rebranding to Bitget Wallet. The rebranding comes with a revamp of its management team and security system, enabling global expansion and security upgrades. As part of the rebranding, Bitget Wallet will feature a new logo, app, and website. The wallet will also introduce more stringent pre-release review processes, partnerships with security auditing firms, and support for hardware wallet providers to ensure a safe and secure experience for its users.

BitKeep’s commitment to providing excellent services and security to its users has made it the top-rated wallet on Google Play globally. With its plans for rebranding and integration of new protocols, Bitget Wallet will be poised to maintain its position as a reliable and secure asset management and trading platform that offers a comprehensive range of services to its users.

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