Can You Design a Budget Bathroom?

There is a way to design a bathroom on almost any budget. While some may run into the tens of thousands, there are ways to save money while still having a functional bathroom that appeals to your style. Choosing affordable yet stylish finishes and surfaces can create the appeal that you are looking for on a budget.

Consult a Professional Bathroom Designer

Bathroom Design on a budget is a balance of functionality, style, and affordability. While this is achievable, it may require not only research and attention to detail but the use of a professional bathroom design as well. When working on a known budget, it is key to have that budget prepared in advance and plan for a little less so that there is a cushion in case of unforeseen expenses or overages. Prices for materials can fluctuate with demand and supply, so a buffer in any budget is important. It is also necessary to prepare to be without the use of the bathroom that is under renovation for the extent of the renovation or plan to work around the renovations in another way. Begin by determining what areas you are unwilling to waiver on that will be the most important focus and which items are worth paying more for, along with which are the easiest to cut corners. By knowing which parts are the most important to you, the design can be focused on that. Some will prefer to spend more on marble tiling for the shower, while others will be more focused on flooring for the entire space, while others will still want special lighting for makeup and other daily preparations. Bring balance to that budget by choosing laminate flooring or a more affordable tile for the rest of the space. The balance will help to maintain the needed budget for the renovation and will provide the best compromise of quality and appearance while staying on budget. A professional bathroom design is best produced by professional designers. They have the most experience in what makes the room flow from space to space and make the best functionality based on the layout. They are also well versed in all the materials that are needed and the ways in which they interact with the environment and each other.

Selecting the right material for any job is a key part of success for any renovation or new build. Bathroom designers understand each of the most used materials and stay up to date on new designs, new materials, and new styles as they become popular. By using their knowledge of what will work best with your size of space and how to best meet your preferences for style and color, they are able to offer the best solutions for your budget. Bathroom design is an intricate balance of many different functions and requirements for materials. This knowledge can be the key to a bathroom renovation that lasts and materials that stand up to regular use.  

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