Bursting The Myths About Health Eating Paleo Low Carb Diets

Food is known as the fuel on which the human body runs and functions. Just like any other machine, the fuel for the human body needs to be perfect and balanced for it to keep running for a longer period without encountering any problems. 

The relation between food and human beings has been as old as the Stone Age since human beings were hunters and gatherers. As humans evolved so did their food and cuisines.

Paleo Diet: The latest crush for healthy eaters

Before we jump into it, we should have a basic understanding of diet and health. Over the years, food has become a luxury to many humans rather than a necessity. As a result, various types of processed food have been invented to increase the shelf life thus decreasing their nutritional value. 

Consuming such foods has no or little benefits only contributing to the obesity factor. To combat such ill effects, doctors and medical practitioners all over the world vouch for going as natural as possible.

People, in general, consider dieting as eating less or fasting to achieve a perfect shape for their bodies. This however is not the case. Diet is a series of well-balanced meals consisting of products that have high nutritional value and are good for health. There are various diets available in the market that help in achieving a healthy and toned body. The latest trend in healthy eating and getting an active body is the Paleo diet.

The name paleo diet comes from the prehistoric Paleolithic era since the food in this diet primarily consists of those ingredients that were available during that period like fruits, nuts, naturally occurring vegetables, lean meats like fish or small herbivores, etc.

Why a Paleo diet?

To understand the craze of the paleo diet we should first understand the reason behind the quick evolution of human beings, since the Paleolithic era. This was primarily the diet back then. Various studies and DNA analysis of the samples collected from the early humans suggest that the combination of all the foods had a huge impact on the human brain and body development. Scientists and dietitians all over the world are trying to get back to the roots of the paleo diet.

The primary concept of the paleo diet is to have all those foods that human beings used to consume in the Paleolithic era and is devoid of any processed foods like sugar, salts, grains, etc. The internet is flooded with quite good blogs like Beyond The Equator’s blog article: Going Paleo Diet, which lists out the nitty-gritty details of dos and don’ts when following a paleo diet.

The Paleo diet has shown effective results in combating obesity and increasing metabolism naturally, when compared with the regular western diet, consisting of mainly meat, carbs, and dairy and having a high salt content. However, it is always advisable to start such fad diets only after having a proper consultation with the doctors. One might have some underlying condition that would worsen by following the paleo diet.

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