Buying Guns Online: Everything You Need to Consider

Are you thinking about getting a gun?

There are lots of reasons for someone to get themselves a gun nowadays. Adding them to a collection and self-defense stand out as the top reasons for purchases. The latter reason was why there were 17 million guns sold in 2020 alone.

Now, because of the pandemic, many people aren’t keen on doing any shopping themselves. They do most of their shopping online, instead, and this also applies to people shopping for guns.

Buying guns online feels like something you need to hide while you’re doing it, but don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal. All you need to do is make sure the website is reputable and your ownership is also legal. To ensure everything goes smoothly, read up on our guide below.

We’ll tell you everything you need to consider when buying guns. We’ll also help you know your way around an online gun store.

Think of Possible Applications and Use

First off, think of the possible applications and use you can have for the gun. Knowing your intended purpose for getting a gun can help you cut down on the time you’ll spend browsing any store’s collection. If your purpose is collecting guns, then there’s nothing for you to worry about when it comes to applications.

If you want to protect yourself, though, there are several ways for guns to help you do that. If you’re looking to protect your home, shotguns are the best choice. They have a good spread that works well in covering your home’s hallways.3

Shotguns are popular nowadays because of the rise of property crimes. The pandemic made more homeowners aware of anyone trying to break into their homes during the lockdown.

If you want to go out hunting, rifles are your top pick. They have good accuracy and are powerful enough to take down big game. These are also highly customizable, often allowing gun owners to create a rifle that works for them with ease.

A concealed carry is among the more popular choice for firearms. They can help in keeping you safe while you’re out and about. This way, you can defend yourself against aggravated assault while you’re out in public.

Check Local Laws and Compliance

Before getting yourself a gun, check local laws about gun ownership, first. All states have different stances on firearm possession. Some will restrict you to being able to buy only certain types of guns.

Other states will allow you to buy any gun but will place restrictions on the ammunition you use. Others place unusual laws regarding the container that carries your ammunition. In such cases, bullets are legal on their own, but won’t be legal if placed in a magazine that can hold up to 30 of them at a time.

While you’re at it, check local compliance laws, too. These dictate what you can and can’t carry on your person. Compliance laws apply regardless of your reason for the firearm.

Make sure you have the proper permits in order, too. Doing all these ensure that you avoid any jail time in your state.

Learn About Your Preferred Gun’s Reliability

Next, it’s important that you note what the gun features and what it means to buy it. This means that you must learn what the strengths and potential weaknesses of the gun are. Doing this is a great way to make sure that the investment you make is a good one.

Check online what the user reviews are for the gun. See the opinions of the gun owners to see if there’s a trend in regards to the gun. Use this to prepare accordingly or to decide if the gun is worth it for you in the first place.

One way for you to inspect the gun for yourself is by going to a physical store. Check if they have the gun in stock and examine it yourself. By doing this, you have a more intimate look at the gun and how it works.

Check whether the store you’re on showcases the latest gun features and accessories, too. This means they keep their store updated, meaning you’ll the newest products in the market.

Prepare Yourself For a Background Check

One of the requirements you’ll need to pass is a federal background check. Every store does this, even pawnshops who possess firearms to sell. They do this to make sure they’re not arming someone who’s against the law or someone who’s abusing illegal substances.

Living a lawful life is the best way for you to get approved for the sale. If you’re looking to improve your chances of approval, go through gun safety training.

Around 48% of Americans worry about gun violence in the country. Going through gun safety training means you also learn about discipline when handling a firearm.

Look For Ways to Secure Your Gun After Purchase

Before you make your purchase, it’s best to have a means for you to secure your gun. Locking up your gun securely prevents a lot of accidents from happening in the household. This is especially important if you have a child in the house.

Invest in items like lockboxes if you’re buying a small firearm. Grab ones with combination locks for easy access in case of an emergency. Padlocks work fine, but using a key in the middle of a high-pressure situation isn’t ideal.

For larger firearms, gun lockers may work well for you. These allow you to store them safely while keeping them from gathering dust and such.

Look to Personalize Your Firearm

Once you find a gun you like, look into what accessories you can get for it. Think about what you’ll need to make sure using the gun is a comfortable experience. One way of doing this is by getting yourself a new grip or a custom holster.

You can also lookup different ways you can modify the gun. These modifications should help you improve your effectiveness when using the firearm. Look for shops that provide you with items like an extended muzzle, AR15 barrel, or laser sight.

What to Consider When Buying Guns Online

Now that you know what to do before you buy a firearm online, it’s time to know what to consider when choosing a store. Here’s a list of things to consider when looking for stores to buy from.

Store’s Reputation

The store’s reputation should be the first thing you look into. It should be a well-known store that proudly shows off its certifications. These licenses and certificates indicate that they’re a legitimate business with legitimate wares.

Doing this is important to prevent going against the law and purchasing a gun illegally. It’s for your own safety, too. Some online stores are scam websites that will either give you a cheap gun or nothing at all.

Customer Reviews

One way to find out if an online gun store is reputable is by checking out reviews left on the platform. These should tell you all you need to know about their service. Reviews are the unfiltered experience of a store’s previous customers.

What the reviews have to say should be the deciding factor whether you will do business with the store or not. If the website doesn’t have a review or comment section, you should already be suspicious of it. It can be an honest mistake, though, so don’t be hasty about judging them.

You can look for online reviews written as blogs, instead. Consider any review written this way as a great advertisement. The blogger went out of their way to praise their business, and it should speak for the business’s service.

Store’s Return Policy

It’s important to look into a store’s return policy, too. In the event that the package comes back damaged, you won’t want to complete the transfer. Refuse it and have it returned, instead, and write an email to the store afterward.

Explain the case and wait for their response. A reputable store will repair the item free of charge. They should state their return policy somewhere on their website for you to read clearly.

If there’s nothing stated on the website, all the more reason for you to refuse the package when it arrives. Some stores tell their customers that, since the package was already accepted, it’s not their problem anymore.


You should browse different online stores before making any decision to buy anything. Comparing gun costs is one way for you to get the best deal available. Different gun stores will have a different price for the same gun depending on the interest they put on it.

Some online stores will even throw in a bunch of freebies for your purchase. Calculate how much it will cost in total to determine how much you save by buying from each store.

Shop Online For the Right Firearm Today!

Buying guns online need not be such a complicated or confusing endeavor. Make sure you know everything you need to know before browsing online to make the entire process much easier. Visit an online gun store and get yourself a firearm today!

Do you want to learn more about firearm ownership? Our guides can help you make better decisions to make your purchase worth it. Check them out and know what’s the best guns to get online are.

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