Buying Prescription Sunglasses From the Method Seven Website

I, like many other eyeglasses wearers, want the same UV protection for my eyes as everyone else gets, which is why I visited the Method Seven website. After lengthy research, I found lots of great reviews about the products and services they offer, so I thought it would be a safe bet to choose them.

I ultimately ended up with a fantastic pair of prescription sunglasses, so they absolutely delivered on that front, but the service I got was exceptional. They explained everything I needed to know in terms I could understand and so, I thought I’d relay some of this info to you – just in case you’re looking for some yourself.

They Make Progressive Lenses Too!

Prescription sunglasses need to offer the same features as regular eyeglasses, so I was very pleased to find that they offer a range of both progressive and bifocal sunglasses. My usual glasses are bifocals, so I needed sunglasses to match and my best choice turned out to be progressive lenses from the Method Seven Website. 

My initial idea was to go for bifocals, but I found that the bifocal sunglasses on offer didn’t provide any forward vision correction in the top section of the lens. This means I would only be able to see properly when using the lower part – which is usually just when I’m reading. 

Within a couple of days after placing my order, I got a measurement kit sent to me through the mail (for free), which I then had to take to my local optician. Inside I found my sample frames to try out, as well as the prescription form that needed to be filled out and they even provided me with pre-paid postage to send everything back!

I Got My Glasses In Just Under 4 Weeks

From ordering my prescription sunglasses on the Method Seven website to receiving them took just under 4 weeks, but I was completely ok with that, as they forewarned me that it would take this long and good things sometimes take a while to create, right?

During this time, I was excited to learn more about the glasses I’d ordered, so I took a look into the company behind the product. They started off creating specialised glasses for grow rooms, with a mixture of japanese, italian and german engineering, blended together with some good old-fashioned american know-how. 

As something of a disruptor in the industry, I was expecting big things and as I’ve mentioned already, they delivered and then some. 

Blown Away By the Product

It would be fair to say that when I tried the finished product on for size, I was blown away by not just the comfort and the looks they offered, but the way in which my outdoor vision was improved. The Carl Zeiss lenses I ordered where every inch the high quality product I expected.

So, if you’re considering where to purchase your prescription sunglasses, I encourage you to try the Method Seven website, as it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made when it comes to eyewear.

Not only do their glasses hit all the right notes for performance and comfort, but the pre and post sales aftercare I got was superb. Believe me when I say that I scoured the web for companies to buy my glasses from, as that’s the kind of person I am – always on the lookout for the best.

I believe then, as I do now, that these guys are the best in the business.

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