Buying the Best 12 x 12 Tarp – Top Aspects to Consider

Tarps are multi-utility tools, which are there in various types and sizes. People use tarps for many purposes, from covering their valuable assets to using tents or shade covers, etc. When it comes to choosing the right tarp for your project, many people are confused about the apt selection to make. You have to consider the best quality tarps, which feature ease of use, the right size, functionality, durability, and color while choosing a good tarpaulin. This guide will discuss a few aspects to check while buying a 12 x 12 tarp.


In the list of considerations, quality is the most important aspect to consider while choosing good quality 12 x 12 tarps, which are primarily used as protective gears. These can be used to cover all sorts of objects ranging from commercial goods to vehicles or construction materials. quality plays an important role in fulfilling all these purposes. You should also consider a tarp that is lightweight and easy to handle, but it should also be durable to withstand the hardest tests of nature. Considering durability, it is a good way to understand a good tarp is to check its thickness as well as the material type used to make it.

The thickness of 12 x 12 tarps

The tarps’ thickness is measured in terms of mils, whereas one mil is equal to 1 x 1000 of an inch. For basic purposes like covering random items, you may look for a lightweight 12 x 12 tarp with a thickness of 5 mils or so. If you want to use a heavy tarp to transport goods or cover heavy-duty machinery or equipment, you may have to look for heavy-duty tarp, which is at least 23 mils thick.

Type of tarps

Just like any other things available in the market, tarps also come in various types. Using the right type of tarp exactly fitting to your purpose is important if you want to get the most out of the 12 x 12 tarps.

Material of tarps

Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used tarp materials, which is made of heavy-duty plastic and is highly durable. It is ideal for construction and remodeling works, camping, use as a temporary roof cover, shelter, etc. It is very lightweight and also does not absorb water. This makes it perfect for outdoor applications.


These tarps are made of highly durable woven fabric of hem or cotton. Canvas tarps are more expensive than polyethylene and will last longer. However, these are capable of heavy-duty handling operations. So, canvas tarps are commonly used for the toughest applications like painting projects or construction or as a roof cover. Some of the canvas tarps are highly flame-resistant too.

Further to these, while considering 12 x 12 tarps, you can also check out vinyl taps that are fabricated from ethylene molecules and PVC tarps that are highly durable and flexible. Just go to the online stores, and you will be able to explore hundreds of options out there in order to choose the best matching tarps for your project.

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