Buzz cut is one of the trending hairstyles for men. The style is common among military people, hence the name military haircut. Buzz styles are fresh, clean, and masculine, and they are also very easy to maintain.

The hairstyle is achieved when the barber trims the entire hair short with a hair clipper. From the short hair, they can the remaining hair into a crew cut, flat top, or butch cuts. Men are willing to try different cuts with their hair, and therefore a lot of other buzz cut styles have emerged.

1. Can I Get A Buzz Cut?

One good thing about buzz haircut is that it is not choosy with any face shape, hair color, and type. According to MensHaircuts, you should still consider a style that matches your physical features to get a clean look, because not all head structures will look the same in the same haircut. A professional barber will identify your head’s shape and advise the best haircut.

2. Who Cannot Get Buzz Cuts?

Although this is not to say that you cannot completely get buzz cuts, but if you have visible scars and large bumps in your head, you should avoid buzz cuts. The hair is completely cut so you will be left with visible scars.

The haircuts suit well men with fine hair or receding hairline. It makes these weaknesses less noticeable and improves your appearance.

3. How To Get A Buzz Haircut

While some people prefer going to the barber for the cut, others can do it themselves. The haircut is easy to achieve and style and how you get it depends on the buzz haircut you want. If the style is complicated, it is advisable to visit a barber. The hairstyle will change your appearance and it takes time to grow, so doing it yourself without the skills will be tricky. Also, ensure you research the hairstyles available before choosing which one to get.

3. Buzz Cuts To Try

  • Induction Haircut

The induction haircut is very popular among military men. It is the shortest among buzz hairstyles, easy to achieve and maintain. The barber uses a hair clipper without a guard to trim the hair around the head in the same length. Therefore, if you are an office man and you would like something clean and easy to maintain, you cannot go wrong with an induction cut. It is a simple haircut you can style quickly in the morning and feel fresh throughout the day.

  • Burr Buzz Hairdo

The burr buzz resembles the induction hairdo, but the barber uses a hair clipper with #1, #2, or #3 guard. The hair length is the same at the front, top, sides, and back. You choose the guard you want the barber to use on you depending on the length of hair you want to be left on your head.

Buzz Cut Styles for Men; Men’s Haircuts Couldn’t Get Better Than This

  • Jarhead Haircut

The jarhead is another military hairstyle, and it is preferred because of its ease of style and maintenance. Though it is a relatively new haircut, it is easy to style. The barber shaves the sides and uses guard number #1 to shave the top, meaning, hair length is not equal on the head.

  • Buzz With Fading Skin

The barber leaves some volume at the top and shaves the sides to leave the skin clearly visible. However, the transition from the top to the fading skin is smooth. The buzz cut with fading skin is a very popular hairstyle.

  • Buzz With A Taper

The style is a combination of different hair lengths. The barber leaves more hair at the top and trims the sides from top to bottom. The line between the two sizes of hair is very thin because of a smooth transition.

  • Buzz With A Line-Up

A lineup is a good way to add style to the buzz cut. It adds clarity and sharpness to the temple and nape area hairlines. The barber uses a trimmer to achieve the lineup and you have to go in for maintenance every few days, depending on how fast your hair grows.

The hairstyle suits well men with a lot of hair because for the line ups to be visible, the hair must be thick.

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