Caching that I use almost every month

I use caching almost every month. My friend asks me “Is it okay?”, But because of my favorite hostess, I need military funds to go to a cabaret club on a daily basis.

I go to a cabaret club almost every day except Sunday for this cabaret girl and go to see her. Most of the military funds are earned from work, so I can go without debt, but I run out of money only a few days before the payday, so I use cashing at that time.

I borrow about 100,000 yen each time and pay back immediately when I get paid. So, I’m worried by my friends, but since I repay my debt immediately every time, it’s not difficult to pay the interest rate or anything like that.
I don’t feel that the interest rate is high at all because it is repaid in about 10 days each time, so it is about 2,000 yen each time.

Thus, in my case, I feel that cashing from consumer finance far outweighs the disadvantages. If I couldn’t do it, I’m sure I would have been in a dark life because I was hated by my favorite hostess.

It is no exaggeration to say that I am working hard every day because I have a favorite hostess. Therefore, being able to do Caching and going to see each other is a vital force for me to work hard every day.

Of course, in addition to Miss Kyaba, I also use it as an additional living expense. Before the payday, you will run out of money at all, and you will not be able to eat without Caching. As you can see, I can’t think of a life without caching at all. I would like to continue to make the most of cash advances and live an energetic life.

What I like the most is that you can borrow and repay at the convenience store right in front of your house. It’s really useful because you can go to T-shirts with sandals. I always go shopping while I borrow it, but that’s probably Yoshi.

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