The world has come on a great deal with the issue of accessibility. Even a hundred years ago, the world looked very different for those with disabilities, and they were very unlikely to enjoy the same access as they do today. But accessibility for the disabled is not an area to become complacent in. Yes, great strides have been made – we can see evidence of that whenever we step outside. We see ramp access into buildings, we see evidence of consideration for those with disabilities at road crossings, we see elevators in buildings along with disabled toilets on each floor. This is all good and it is what we have come to expect. But should we expect more?

The variety of accessibility needs

The truth is, not all accessibility needs require a ramp or a disabled toilet. So, it would be a mistake to think that we have taken care of the disabled in our community if, as a business, we have cared for these specific needs. Disabilities vary greatly, and because of that, the needs of the disabled vary greatly too. Some living with a disability might be able to walk into a building just fine or be ok using any toilet. But they may struggle to read a sign or hear verbal instructions, this makes doing anything online particularly difficult but businesses like accessiBe are helping immensely with this.

Another thing to consider is that just as the world is making progress in the fight for equality for those living with a disability, the world is also making progress in other ways. And so, the issue continues.

Addressing accessibility online

One major area of progress is that we now have the internet. We may take this tool for granted but the reality is that it plays a major role in our everyday lives. We use the internet for anything and everything and would likely feel lost without it. But, just as those living with a disability often need help out in the world, they often also need help to access the internet in their very own homes. Now, ignorance may lead us to think that the very fact they have the internet makes the lives of disabled people much easier and gives them access to things they never had before. As is the case with all of us, this is true in some circumstances. But there are many disabilities that affect the level of access people can have without help.

What can be done?

Fortunately, the answer is simple. There is already software available that can get your website fully accessible within the next few days. This software will search for any accessibility issues on your website and work immediately to resolve them. So, do your part now, and get your website accessible today.

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