Can You Outside Mount Roller Shades

To summarize, yes, roller shades may be outside mounted. However, to better understand what we mean by “outdoor mount,” let’s take a step back and discuss what that term actually means.

Outside mount roller shades are a great option for many homes. Continue reading to learn more about them and whether or not they’re the greatest shading solution for your property.

The Meaning of “Outside Mount”

“Outside mounting” refers to a specific style of window covering installation. However, contrary to popular belief, outside mounting does not imply attaching your shades to the exterior of your property.

Outside mounting means mounting your shades or blinds on the interior of your home, and on the outside of the window frame or on the wall around the window frame. We’ll assist you in visualizing it since it’s complicated to picture.

Consider your windows at home. They’re most likely sunk into the wall, with a frame surrounding them and a window sill where you put your adorable plants or knicks-knacks. Now think about where your blinds, shades, or curtains are positioned in relation to the window. Are they attached to the inside of each side of the window frame with a rod? Or do they attach to the face of the frame or on top or sides of the window frame along the wall? An outside mount is what happens in scenario two on the face of the frame or the surrounding wall.

Outside Mounting Your Motorized Roller Shades

If you want to know if outside mounting will look good in your home, be sure to contact some local experts and get a quote on your home’s windows.

Why People Choose Outside Mounted Shades

Outside mounted roller blinds may be used to cover your windows from top to bottom. Because there are no trim pieces that can limit how far down it can reach on each side, the outside mount will give you more control over how high the shade goes. You may even be able to set a sheer curtain behind it for additional seclusion by lifting it up higher than required.

Is Outside Mounting Right for Your Home?

Outside mount roller blinds, contrary to popular belief, are simply another way to attach your roller shades to interior windows. Instead of being confined within the window frame’s box, outside mounted roller shades will be attached to the window face or on the wall above the window frame.

Outside mount motorized roller shades may or may not work with the style of your home, or with your window frames, and they may or may not be offered by your window shade manufacturer or installer. To find out more about your home shading options, contact some motorized shade experts.

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