6 Healthy Foods to Keep Eyes Healthy

Orgasm is the ultimate level of sexual satisfaction that everyone is in search of. Every couple does try for it but not all of them achieve it. Orgasm can reduce stress, blood pressure and make you feel happy. But if due to problems like Erectile Dysfunction or ED many couples are deprived of sexual satisfaction. This often leads to anger, frustration, irritation and dissatisfaction. When a husband or boyfriend is unable to satisfy the sexual desires of their female partner, she feels whether her partner is incapable of her. Communication between such partners is decreased which creates a rift in their relationship. If not taken care of such rift give rise to divorce and extramarital affairs. When we become adults or since our sexual organs get activated after puberty, sexual pleasure is also one of our desires like good food, clothes etc. 

 And when our desires are not fulfilled, we get tensed and find every other way to fulfil them. From the perspective of a man unable to reach orgasm is an act of embarrassment for him in front of his partner.One of the biggest problems of such poor performance of men on the bed is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Its rapid spread cutting across every stratum of society has made the business of ED pills like Vidalista 20, Cenforce 200, or Kamagra Oral Jelly at Powpills. 

ED is more than just its definition of a sexual disorder. Its far-reaching side effects often pose a danger to manliness and healthy marriage life. When talking about the intricacies of ED, even the food you eat can be a contributing factor resulting in ED. Thus, a clear connection is established between your food and your chances of orgasm as ED is the barrier in between. A healthy diet ensures proper functioning of body and mind which overcomes ED will be discussed later in the article. For that, you must go through till the bottom. 

A straightforward answer

If a simple question asking for no further explanation is asked to question about the importance of food for sexual performance the answer is Yes!!!.But this answer must be elaborated to understand the relationship between both of them. 

Correlation between food and ED

We all know that ED is a medical condition where men suffer from a lack of penile erection. Either they suffer from low erection or the duration is insufficient for sexual intercourse. The problem of ED lies in the blood supply of the penis which prevents the penis from becoming erect.Therefore, if you want to get rid of ED, just make sure there is a sufficient supply of blood in the penis and it’s done. No matter what pills you take, they too work for enhancing the blood circulation in the penile region. Now to your surprise or more accurately ignorance towards health that unhealthy food is one of the reasons for the disturbed blood supply of the penis. 

Well, we all know what harmful diseases are being caused due to high cholesterol foods rich in calories and sugar. So, this mustn’t surprise many people. When you eat such food, the bad cholesterol gets deposited on the opening of the arteries. Thus, when the stimulation takes place not much blood is supplied to the penis because a lot has been blocked by cholesterol. Hence, a hard and erect is not achieved leading to what we know as Erectile Dysfunction. 

Such situations where the accumulation of bad cholesterol stops the blood circulation is a result of obesity.So, know it is quite clear how our choice of food affects our sexual performance. 

What solutions do we have?

Talking about the solutions of ED, the most commonly used are counter ED pills. As discussed earlier they provide quick time solutions by providing the necessary erection for 4 to 5 hours. These pills do not solve the problem from its roots but just hide it for few hours. After which you are again a person suffering from ED. If you just want relief for a night then pills are surely the best thing. But if you are looking for total freedom from ED and its side effects then along with ED pills rectification of eating habits is needed. 

Making a correct choice of food might burn the excess fats deposited to allow for the free flow of blood in and out of the arteries. This will solve the problem completely with no doubts remaining. But this is not a one-time solution you need to incorporate healthy eating, balanced diet, exercise, adequate sleeping hours, yoga and meditation in your daily life to execute this method of ED treatment. This is the choice you have to make about the future of your sexual life. 


Food is the fuel on which our body runs. Therefore, be it sexual, physical or mental, any aspect of our body and soul cannot be untouched by the quality of food we consume. From now be conscious about what’s good for your body and what’s not?

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