In this article we will learn about the CANON MG3600 SETUP. Setup can be done through 2 methods. CANON is the most preferred brand choice for printers out of various choices available in the market. The features and characteristics offered are world class superior. Not only this but also the post sales service offered by the company is great.

CANON MG3600 is an all in one compact size wireless printer manufactured and updated to latest technology. This technology makes the printer easy to use and at the same time the tasks can be completed efficiently in less time. Moreover it is suitable for home use as well as office use.


  • There are 2 options available for connection


1.) First of all install the device driver software on your system from the company’s official website.

2.) After downloading the driver setup now launch the application. This application will take you through the complete process of CANON MG3600 SETUP.

3.) You have to press now the next button on the screen.

4.) Make choice of the country and move ahead.

5.) Accept the user license agreement shown on the next page.

6.) On the next screen it will ask for a survey, it is your choice if you want to say yes, else say no and move ahead.

7.) Now allow the wizard installation process for further.

8.) A window will appear asking you to choose between wireless LAN connection and USB connection. Choose wireless LAN option to connect through WIFI.

9.) Now it will ask for connection via wireless router or direct connection.

10.) Choose connection via wireless router as that option is recommended by the software.

11.) Make sure the printer is switched on, or you can switch it on by pressing and holding the power button

12.) Wait for some time till the software detects the printer.

13.) After the detection is completed the printer will be connected to the system and now it will install some required files on your system.

14.) The setup will be complete and it will show the software installed on your system.

15.) Deselect the ones which you do not want to install like user agreements, license policy and move on.

The setup through WIFI is completed and now you can test print a page from the printer.

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1.) Download the driver setup software available on the company’s official website.

2.) Beforehand open up the devices and printers menu present in the computer system settings. You need to pick the printer from that list.

3.) For CANON MG 3600 SETUP through USB, select the option USB connection (USB cable) out of the 2 options offered.

4.) After picking the USB option smash ok button.

5.) For joining the printer with computer use the cable which comes beside in the package and turn on the printer.

6.) The device will be detected. Until that, wait for a few moments

7.) The printer will be connected to computer through USB.

8.) You can test by printing a page.

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