About 1.35 million people perish in road crashes annually. With an additional 20 million sustaining non-fatal accidents that at times result in disability.

These statistics show the severity of car crashes. And while it is everyone’s responsibility to play a part in reducing the numbers, some things such as other motorists’ negligence are beyond your control.

The period after an accident can be super frustrating. But the actions you take immediately after the incident will significantly determine how long it will take before you get back on your feet.

Check out this car crash checklist when meeting your attorney to increase their chances of winning a car accident case.

Police Report

The first step to take immediately after a car accident is to report to the traffic police. The boys in blue will head to the scene to draft a report, which will substantially help with your case. Ensure that you don’t tamper with the scene, as that could ruin evidence.

Moreover, you should offer in-depth details on what led to the accident and how it occurred. The police may even draw diagrams to represent the scene, the position of the cars, and the directions they were traveling to.

The information will help them presume who was at fault for the accident. So it is critical that you get a copy of the report and hand it over to your lawyer to ease their work.

In case of an uber car crash, do not forget to contact uber and let them know you have been involved in an accident.

Medical Records

Your health comes first. Therefore, check if you can move and if any of your passengers are severely hurt as soon as the accident occurs.

Do not assume that you are okay just because you are not bleeding or not in pain. You may have sustained internal bleeding, which is more fatal than external injury. Call 911 and let the doctor examine you to determine your state.

You should show medical reports to prove that, indeed, you sustained injuries after the accident. The records will indicate the procedures you underwent and how much they cost.

In return, the medical reports will compel the insurer to offer valuable compensation to cater to the costs and related damages such as lost wages.

Your Insurance Documents

Nearly all states require you to have comprehensive car insurance coverage before heading on the road. You should have a copy of the insurance documents in your vehicle at all times, as they will determine if you are eligible for compensation.

Besides the policy, you should have detailed proof that you have been keeping up with payments. Furthermore, the insurance history says a lot about your driving history, which will dictate your chances of winning the case.

If you have a history of negligent driving or not paying premiums on time, the insurer will be forced to think that you are a careless driver and were liable for the accident. The vice versa will work in your favor.

Your attorney will also need the insurance documents to determine what you are entitled to and help you acquire them.

Your Version of What Led to the Crash

Getting a police report on the car crash events is important, but your version is critical. As earlier mentioned, the police will observe the accident scene to presume who was at fault for the accident.

Things might not work in your favor, and you could be held liable for an accident that you didn’t cause. That’s why you should have a detailed report of how the events turned out. If possible, collect statements from witnesses to boost your evidence.

However, if the situation turns out unfortunate enough with you being falsely implicated in the accident case, it would be great to hire the best lawyer on your case to help you understand what your legal option are after a car accident in the best possible manner.

Make sure to capture the other driver’s details. These include;

  • Their name
  • ID number
  • Telephone number
  • Address number
  • Car type
  • License Number plate

It will help if you take clear photos and videos of the scene while ensuring that you don’t tamper with anything. Capture the damages on your car and any visible bodily injuries as evidence. Also, collect the witnesses’ contact information in case you need them to testify.

Income Records

Depending on the severity of the injuries sustained after the accident, you may be hospitalized for some time. If not, you may be forced to stay at home until you are fully recovered.

This means you will stay away from work. And if you go back, you will certainly not be as productive as before. In such cases, you are eligible for lost wage compensation to cater to the lost income during the recovery period.

Your pre-accident income records help to determine the best compensation amount to cater to the salary. Don’t forget to include additional earnings such as bonuses, as they are likely to drop until you are back to your full-productive capacity.

Citations and Tickets

If you got any fines, tickets, or citations after the accident, you should turn them over to your car crash lawyer. The same applies if you have any tickets from previous incidents.

Tickets and citations will dictate your driving history. They can be in your favor or against depending on the number of times you have been found on the wrong side.

Handing the records to your attorney will help them come up with prompt action to prevent the insurer from using the tickets to deny you a valuable settlement. The key is to be as transparent with your attorney as possible to ease their work.

Maximize Your Compensation with Comprehensive Car Crash Checklist

Nothing can be done to take things back to how they were before a car accident. But it feels better to know that justice is served. Moreover, financial compensation eases your burden and helps you get back on your feet sooner.

The above car crash checklist will guide your lawyer to make sound and prompt decisions when determining your best compensation value.

The law expert will use the documents as evidence during negotiations with the insurer. Ensure the records are well-organized and accessible to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

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