Cassper Nyovest’s impact on Nigerian hip-hop culture

Nigerian hip hop remains very much alive today thanks to the efforts of premier rappers such as Cassper Nyovest. Thirty years since the genre was introduced in Nigeria, Nyovest’s award-winning tracks continue to please the ears of local listeners which then further cement his legacy in the hip-hop scene.

But how did he rise to fame and become a mainstay in the Nigerian hip hop culture after nearly two decades? Find out his beginnings and biggest hits here:

Cassper Nyovest’s musical beginnings

Cassper Nyovest‘s first stint in music began in 2004 when he formed a hip-hop group called Childhood Gangsta. He eventually dropped out of school to pursue his musical dream, signing with record label Impact Sounds in 2006. He was also discovered by the late rapper Hip Hop Pantsula in one of his hometown performances.

Nyovest’s debut single was titled ‘Gusheshe’ released in 2013. He then established his own record label called Family Tree Records. In 2014, he released his debut album, ‘Tsholofelo’, which was also the name of his sister. Since then, he has released numerous more hits and albums featuring other artists.

Cassper Nyovest’s biggest hits

With a variety of albums released over the years, music enthusiasts in Nigeria find it hard to narrow down Cassper Nyovest’s biggest hits. However, among the most popular of his songs are these three:

Malome ft. Mahotella Queens

What music fans usually expect from mixing hip-hop with old school music is a scattered mess, but the 2015 hit ‘Malome’ featuring the group Mahotella Queens is nothing like it. The track shows Cassper Nyovest’s willingness to explore different genres that could go well with his hip-hop background.

Tse Tswembu Tse Blind ft. DJ Drama

Heavily influenced by kwaito, this 2015 track became a street hit upon release. The song may not have a music video but its lyrics contain a bit of spice. A part of the song throws shade at South African rapper AKA, but it doesn’t stop listeners from admiring Cassper Nyovest’s arrangements in Tse Tswembu Tse Blind.

428 to LA ft. Casey Veggies

Another Cassper Nyovest banger from 2015, 428 to LA shows the rapper’s impeccable delivery. The track was first included in the platinum edition of Nyovest’s debut album but listeners first heard of it through his second album, ‘Refiloe’. The music video for 428 to LA holds some authenticity as well since it was filmed in New York City and Los Angeles.


With such a huge listenership, Cassper Nyovest has also reached the marketing department of well-known brands, making him a global ambassador for them. Here are three brands who recognised Nyovest’s artistry:


Back when Coca-Cola was a major sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, one of the artists featured in the tournament’s official theme song was Cassper Nyovest. He appeared alongside international singer Jason Derulo.


Upon learning that Cassper Nyovest wanted to be featured in a men’s fitness magazine, Nike reached out to him and supplied him with equipment for his workout. He was also flown by Nike to various countries to participate in marathons.


Bitcasino, one of the world’s leading crypto casinos, has also taken notice of Cassper Nyovest’s influence in the African hip-hop scene. As such, Nyovest has been selected as a global ambassador alongside King Kaka and Tekno Miles.

Without a doubt, Cassper Nyovest has become a household name in the world of Nigerian hip-hop. Some of his greatest hits are still played on the radio and well-loved by listeners, which is one of the reasons why some of the biggest brands are keen on making him a global ambassador. His achievements as a rapper and producer will leave a lasting impression on the local hip-hop community as he continues to become even more influential.

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