CBD And Its Usage In Professional Soccer

There is no doubt that CBD has grown so much in popularity. The substance has a wide range of advantages, from relieving pain to helping people relax. Besides, there are many other CBD products that don’t contain the prohibited psychoactive properties. In most countries, the legal CBD products don’t have THC. 

With many other industries warming up to CBD, the sports industry is joining the bandwagon. Professional soccer players, in particular, are using CBD for physical stability and mental wellness. This article takes an in-depth look at various reasons why professional soccer players are utilizing CBD products. It also discusses the legality of CBD in sports.

The Legality of CBD in Sports

From a general point of view, athletes can take CBD products. This is because these products have not been declared illegal by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This is very advantageous for athletes who fancy using CBD products. It is a relevant move for stakeholders but active and passive in the sports industry. However, there have been some limits placed on the substance. WADA has outlawed some substances like synthetic CBD and THC, but organic CBD remains legalized. 

Therefore, from a legal point of view, we can say that CBD is an acceptable performance enhancer that can be used by any professional athlete. As mentioned earlier, CBD products provide a wide range of benefits for soccer players. For example, it can help minimize performance anxiety and relieve pain caused by injuries. All these benefits are crucial for the success of a professional soccer player. However, it is important to keep in mind that CBD products can show up on drug tests. 

This can put a professional athlete in jeopardy. In most cases, the positivity is caused by synthetic and unverified CBD products. Some of such products might contain significant traces of THC, meaning they can be flagged as prohibited substances. This can be catastrophic because there are harsh penalties for players that fail drug tests.  

Benefits of CBD for Professional Soccer Players

As much as soccer is not a heavy impact sport like American football or rugby, it is still a very intense game that demands so much from your body. On average, a player runs approximately 11km during a 90-min soccer match. Players tasked with tougher roles like those in the midfield can run for up to 17km in a single game. Keep in mind that these players also exercise a lot in training sessions. They engage in intense warmups, weight lifting, among others. 

These vigorous activities can weigh down on a player’s body, and they can get tired easily. This where CBD comes in. The substance has helped many professional soccer players improve their physique and recover faster. The section below highlights some of the benefits professional soccer players get by using CBD products.

Relieving Pain

It is very common for a soccer player to get injured. They can get sore muscles, pain in the leg and other part of the body that might have received a knock. In such a state, pain relief is needed urgently. It is important to note that the human body can only sustain a certain amount of injury and pain. Similarly, using certain painkillers can have severe consequences. 

This is because WADA has banned certain medical drugs for fear that they enhance the performance of a player. Perhaps, this is why it highly recommended that you first check with your doctor before using any drug. When a soccer player uses CBD products, they are more likely to feel comfortable as the pain gradually disappears. A good number of soccer players combine both CBD products with other prescription medicine to get the best results. As much as CBD can be used as a supplement for other medications, it is important that you talk to your doctor first before using it. 

Reduces Inflammation

One of the most frequent immune responses put up by the body of a soccer player is inflammation. When you engage in highly intense workout sessions, the muscles are aggregated. This can get worse when a player is injured. With inflammation used as a common protective response, it can make it quite hard for soccer players to heal from injury. It can increase pain, slowing down the recovery process. 

Any professional soccer player will be hurt by this situation. Luckily, CBD products like Cannabis Seeds at Zamnesia contain anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce blood flow to the injured area. This will significantly speed up recovery. Soccer players are more likely to recover faster when using CBD products to treat their injury.

Improves the Quality of Sleep

Sleep is vital for muscle recovery and improved performances on the pitch. Furthermore, sleep leads to cognitive functioning and improved focus. Professional soccer players need these elements to concentrate on the game. Using CBD products will improve the quality of your sleep, hence more productivity on the field. It also helps reduce anxiety and stress, factors that affect the performance of a soccer player. 


Soccer players benefit a lot from using CBD products. As a soccer player, find CBD products that work for you and start using them for improved productivity. 

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