CCTV Monitoring

CCTV is one of the ideal ways to keep your property safe and secure. That’s why most homeowners are investing in quality CCT solutions. You may be familiar with security cameras and video monitoring; however, the practice could be clearer if you learn more about it.

What is CCTV, and how does it work?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a surveillance system that lets you have virtual images of what is happening in a specific location. Since it’s a closed circuit, the feed will only broadcast to a particular number of monitors. You can install CCTV in your outdoors or in other areas.

It is widely used to detect and deter criminal activities and other uses. But how does it work? Your internet connection routes the pictures from the CCTV camera on your premise and takes them to an external remote monitoring station. An experienced cctv monitoring professional monitors and views the images to identify criminal or unusual activities.

Things to consider when choosing CCTV monitoring service

Make sure your CCTV monitoring service provider has the following qualities;

  • Technology

The service provider must have high-quality technology for efficient surveillance. The technology will be essential in turning images and videos into useful data.

  • Camera quality

The cctv monitoring provider needs to provide a high-quality camera with at least 4 MP.  They can use wide-angle cameras for open spaces to follow the actions of individuals in the area.

  • Analytics

Professional services providers will leverage analytics and algorithms to give helpful insight. They will provide information about the volume of visitors to your property, the time, and the days.

  • Customization

The vendor has to deliver customized CCTV solutions to address your specific challenges. Also, they must perform regular checks to ensure the cameras are functioning properly.

  • Knowledge and expertise

Knowledge and expertise are essential for better CCTV monitoring results. They need to know the various regulations like data protection laws and other rules. High experience will enable them to devise ideal solutions to your problems.

  • Trustworthy

The service provider must have the ability to work diligently to build trust. Also, they should have the right documentation and credentials.

  • Flexible

Everything is ever-changing, so you need and flexible CCTV monitoring provider. Meaning they can scale services for better results and enhance security.

Types of CCTV cameras

Though they are many, the popular CCTV types include:

  • Wireless: Wireless is discrete, blends well into the environment, and is easy to install.
  • HD: HD is ideal for properties at risk as they record faces in great detail for evidence.
  • C-mount: They are commonly used for filming long stretches of roads and driveways.
  • Infrared. Infrared is ideal for filming poorly-lit environments.
  • Bullet: They are highly visible, rain resistant, and great for property management.
  • Dome: the dome is ideal indoors and outdoors as they have strong cases and can monitor wide-angle.

Benefits of CCTV monitoring

  • Improve emergency response

Most businesses and properties have monitored fire and intruder alarms. However, the measure will only be useful if there is personnel to verify that a real incident has triggered the alarm. Your business might be dealing with sheer volumes of false alarms caused by faulty equipment, power issues, human error, etc. These will cost you more money and might cause emergency services to delay their response to genuine incidents.

CCTV monitoring makes you more alert and factual about the alarms. When calling the emergency service team, you’ll know the location and cause of the notice.

  • Police investigation and prosecution evidence

CCTV surveillance is an ideal piece of evidence used by police. You can use it to prove the identity of the criminals and the things they stole. You’ll have an easy time proving to the judge and get the justice you deserve seamlessly.

  • To deter criminal activities

The visual presence of a monitored CCTV system signifies that the premise is being monitored, and an intruder will be seen, tracked, and recorded. The warnings will deter criminals and burglars before entering your property.

  • Proactive detection

Sometimes the visible cameras and warnings can fail to deter criminals. They will search for entry to steal or cause other damages. If that happens, you need to identify and know when they are in action.  

CCTV monitoring is a perfect way to know when an incident is happening in real time. A wide range of technologies, such as passive infrared detectors, thermal heat detectors, and more, can detect unusual activities on your premises. You’ll be able to address the threats promptly to avoid damage, potential theft, or injuries.

Tips and tricks for CCTV monitoring

CCTV monitoring is a perfect way to keep an eye on your essentials. It involves more than watching the footage; you have to know what you’re looking for and recognize when something is wrong.

The following tips will get you started with CCTV monitoring

  • Know your CCTV and its limitations: Identifying the rules will increase your vigilance to ensure people don’t take advantage of the flaws.
  • Stay alert by watching more than one camera at a time. You can use a video wall for perfect viewing.
  • Ensure you have enough cameras, the right kind, and good lighting around your property. Good cameras will improve general security, and you should ensure they are strategically placed for better coverage.
  • Understand your property and identify any hidden entry points and high-traffic areas. You can install more cameras in such areas or increase security personnel.
  • Practice camera maintenance practices, including cleaning the lenses for a clear display.
  • Maintain the CCTV timestamps. Ensure the system is processing the correct date and time for better surveillance. Also, keep the cameras up-to-date for better capturing without blurring.
  • Ensure that your system is installed and maintained with good cyber security practices. The tips help you to avoid unauthorized access or damage to the system.
  • Make sure that the security teams have access to relevant and real-time information at all times.


Nowadays, you can get advanced CCTV monitoring solutions in the market. Acquire them from a reputed dealer to ensure efficiency and enhance the security of your premises. This way, you won’t have to care about intruders and loss of valuables that may result from a lack of surveillance.

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