Challenges that bitcoin users face and must overcome them

The genius mind and idea behind the bitcoin network are of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of bitcoin. A plethora of cryptocurrencies have been developed after bitcoin, but bitcoin remained the most appreciated and demanded cryptocurrency. The crypto experts believe that bitcoin is the currency of the future and consider blockchain as the best technology developed till now.

The invention of bitcoin has encouraged thousands of development and has led to the path of developing cryptocurrencies that could change the way of transferring money. Despite the fact that bitcoin’s price and the market are still highly unstable, retailers and companies are appreciating bitcoin and have started accepting bitcoin payments. Despite the challenges, there are many risks that well bitcoin users must overcome to use bitcoin freely and learn more by clicking here

Both positive and negative factors and features are there in the bitcoin network, but in this article, we will put into limelight the challenges that occur in the bitcoin network. Let us move forward and explore the challenges that users face and must be overcome in the bitcoin network.

Time taking transactions

One of the major challenges that bitcoin users are facing is the time taken by the bitcoin network like to process the transactions. This is the main demerit as this restricts businesses and companies from accepting bitcoin as a medium of exchange. All the bitcoin transactions are recorded in the blockchain ledger, and this challenge occurs due to the time taken to process transactions. The estimated time that blockchain takes to complete a bitcoin transaction is around 43 minutes.

Miners do the work of verifying the bitcoin transactions and the reason behind time taking transactions is the transaction fee that miners charge from users. Miners decided to take transaction fees from users who want their transactions to be processed faster and verified first. Users who pay the transaction fee get their transactions completed in few minutes, whereas those who don’t pay have to wait hours for transactions to get completed.  The miners are the individuals that use special computers and computing power to solve the mathematical puzzles to verify the bitcoin transactions.

Less supportive web or mobile platforms

No one can deny the fact that businesses and companies have started accepting bitcoin payments, but you will be shocked to know that the big tech-savvy companies are still not supporting bitcoins. Tech-savvy companies like Apple and Google are restricting developers from developing bitcoin wallets and are even wanting to ban bitcoin wallets. By knowing the popularity of bitcoin, developers are still developing bitcoin wallets, which is genuinely harming the ecosystem.

Some well-renowned companies are helping the government by not participating in bitcoin deals, and therefore, it is a significant challenge for users who accept bitcoin payments. It might be possible that the government can ban bitcoin anytime, which will make investors or businesses lose their funds.

Less privacy

Less privacy is another main challenge faced by bitcoin users. You must have heard about the two main features of bitcoin currency are transparency and anonymity. In reality, all bitcoin transactions are recorded on a blockchain ledger that is transparent to the public. Users need to understand the fact that bitcoin currency maintains user anonymity but isn’t entirely private. Bitcoin transactions aren’t encrypted, which means the bitcoin transactions can be used for public scrutiny and analysis, making them less private. Also, bitcoin wallets aren’t entirely private and require users to add their sensitive personal information, breaching security.

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Expensive transactions

Now you know that bitcoin transactions take a lot of time to get processed, and the reason behind this is the miners. The miners charge a transaction fee from users who want to process their transactions faster. In order to get the transactions verified fast, the users have to pay miners extra transaction fees. This extra fee charged by miners makes the transactions expensive, which is why individuals and businesses hesitate to accept bitcoin payments.

This is one of the significant issues that general public users face and is why people are shifting to traditional currencies instead of digital currencies. Time taking and expensive transactions are the reasons that bitcoin users are facing.

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