Check out these 7 Things Before Choosing Window Awnings

Thinking about creative and fantastic ways to style your cafe or home windows from the outside? Are you searching for the best outdoor setup but need an alternative for shades and ceilings? Choose a site that delivers an exotic range of window awnings to grace your outdoors and create a forever stunning appeal. You can easily transform your home into an attractive space with the right kind of window awnings.

Awnings are probably one of the best ways to give your space a unique look for outdoor sitting. You can enjoy the evening spring breeze while sipping your coffee or invite your close friends for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. They serve as a protective shade for your window and offer you extra space in case you are running on indoor space. 

If you are all set on buying the window awnings for your patio, garage, backyard, or barbeque porch, you must mark these seven things first. 

  • Accurate Window Measurements

This factor is crucial when choosing the perfect window awnings. You must measure your windows first from the top panel to the bottom one. You should also consider the extra space for the fittings of the panels, fabrics, and holder of the awnings. Else, you would end up buying a window awning that will be of no use in terms of protection, privacy, and of course, an aesthetically good view. 

  • Type of Window Awning

Unlike the traditional window shades, today, there are impeccable choices to choose from when styling your indoor or outdoor. Depending on your need, budget, and space, you can choose the right fit and give the outdoors a stunning look.

Some of the most popular window awnings are:

  • Straight Drop window awnings
  • Folding window awnings
  • Dutch Hood window awnings


  • Angle of Installation

The overall performance of the awning depends entirely on its angle of installation. To protect your east or west-facing windows against wind, sun, snowfall, or rainfall, you should position the drop angle of the awning between 60-75 to leverage its optimal performance. While for the south-facing windows, the angle adjustment should comply with the sun’s angle for maximum protection.

  • Size

This factor completely relies on the available space in your home you want to cover. You can choose from a range of small to medium and large awnings depending on the practicality and usage. Preferably, the larger ones are ideal for outdoor spaces, while the smaller or medium ones can help you ace the decor.

  • Accessories

While purchasing dutch hood window awnings, you must consider the accessories kit for the awnings to work efficiently. In addition, you can think of buying the essential side panels to leverage more coverage if your awnings lack to provide so. Also, they will give your outdoors a stunning look with a change in the architectural patterns.

  • Retractable over stationary

Most of the homeowners prefer retractable awnings over stationary ones. Their adjustability, ease of control due to sensors, motors, and switches make them the perfect choice. Moreover, the advanced awning kits contain wind and sun sensors for protection in all weathers. These kits ensure why interior enthusiasts insist on buying retractable awnings for decks, patios, and backyard garages.

  • Material

Another essential factor to consider when buying window awnings is their material and type. The impact a lot when dealing with their maintenance, durability, sturdiness, and longevity. You can choose from fabrics or classic aluminium, depending on your space and requirement.

  • Fabric Dutch hood window awnings– available in visually stunning colours, designs and patterns.
  • Aluminum awnings – the most popular, durable and powerful materials with less maintenance and servicing. 

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