Chinese boxing team wins 7 Olympic tickets, Ren Cancan wins gold and enters Rio

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, April 3 Sports News (Reporter Yang Fan) The Chinese boxing team received 7 Olympic tickets in the Rio Olympic Boxing Asia-Region Qualifying Tournament that just ended in Qian’an, Hebei. So far, Chinese boxers have won 10 in total. Qualification for the Rio Olympic Games.

  Since the Rio Olympic Boxing Asia-Region Qualifying Tournament, which started on March 25, ended on the 2nd, the competition is an important battle for Asian and Oceanian boxers to compete for the Rio Olympic “ticket”. There are 10 levels for men and 3 levels for women. A total of 36 Rio “tickets” were produced. The top three men in each level will qualify for the Olympics, and the top two women in each level will have the opportunity to enter Rio. Check more ข่าวมวย

  Among the 7 men and 3 women lineups sent by the Chinese team in this competition, Ren Cancan (48-51 kg class), Yin Junhua (57-60), Li Qian (69-75) 3 female boxers and Hu Jianguan (52 kg class) Three male boxers, Zhao Minggang (75) and Yu Fengkai (91), defeated their opponents in the semifinals and qualified for Rio.

Hu Qianxun and Shan Jun, who lost in the semifinals, continued to compete for third place in the qualifying rounds in their respective levels. In the end, on the 2nd, in the extremely fierce men’s 64 kg class competition between three and four, Hu Qianxun defeated Tajikistan’s Yermek and successfully entered Rio, while young general Shan Jun was in the men’s 60 kg class three or four finals. Lost to the Japanese players and temporarily missed the Olympic “tickets”.

  The reporter learned that because the Olympic qualifications for boxing events can also be generated from the APB professional boxing competition and the Boxing World Championships, the men’s 49 kg class Lu Bin, 56 kg class Zhang Jiawei, and 69 kg class Liu Wei have already participated in previous related events. With three Olympic tickets, 10 people in China have now qualified for the Olympics. (Finish)

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