Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is perhaps the only time you will ever set foot in a jewelry store. This is an important purchase, it symbolizes the love and commitment between you and your to-be-fiance. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of buying a diamond engagement ring from a diamond store.

Know her ring size

You wouldn’t want to be in a situation where the ring doesn’t go through her fingers in front of your guests eagerly waiting for this to happen, right? If you are getting engaged in an arranged format, you can formally ask her for her ring size and you will need to return the favor.

If you are planning on a surprise proposal, you need to be a little sneaky. You can ask a friend to take her to a jewelry store and measure her ring size or borrow one of her rings and get the ring made in that size.

Do some research about diamonds

Your engagement ring is incomplete without its center of attraction- the diamond. You have to purchase one and get it to your diamond store for getting your diamond engagement ring made. As we said, this is a one-time purchase. You got to do a little bit of research before choosing one that suits your requirements.

The diamond’s price is determined mainly by the 4Cs-

Cut- The way the diamond is cut determines the shape and refraction proportion of the gemstone. Generally, diamonds are cut round but are also available in other shapes like pear, princess, radiant, emerald, and others.

Carat- The weight of the diamond is measured in carats. The more the carat value, the more expensive the diamond is. However, the other 3Cs also determine the price.

Color- Many diamonds aren’t completely transparent. They might have a tinge of yellow or brown in them when viewed in bright light. Colorless diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. Generally, most yellow and brown tinges in the color aren’t visible to the naked eye. Many times, you can find colorless diamonds made out of synthetic materials called cubic zirconia. For your engagement ring, it is okay if the diamond’s color is a bit off, it is best to consult your jeweler to know how much yellow or brown color is tolerable.

Clarity- There are some blemishes and flaws you can see in a microscope in many diamonds. Mostly all diamonds contain some of the other impurities, inclusions in them. As is with color, the diamonds without any inclusions are super-expensive. You can consult your jeweler to know how many blemishes can be tolerated in the diamond.

Once you have made your choice, do consult your jeweler before paying up. He will ensure you get a fair price for your diamond.

Choose the metal

What generally works here is what she usually wears. You can opt for silver or white gold or choose classic gold based on her preferences. If you aren’t sure, do ask her friends for the same.

Decide the design

Here is when you need to take someone with you to choose the right design. You could take your mom, sister, or friends to know just what would be best for your to-be-fiance. Here too, you need to understand her preferences before finalizing a design. Ask her indirectly which kind of ring design she would want. Based on this, you can choose a ring design that matches her choices.


It is always advisable, to be frank when it comes to revealing your budget to the jeweler. For example, some of my friends living in Denver chose from many Denver jewelers who helped them choose a ring and diamond based on their budget and choices. Doing so can help your jeweler help you choose a ring based on your requirements.

A few last words

As this is a big investment, you need to be careful and not be impulsive when choosing a diamond ring for your life partner. Another one of my friends got his engagement ring in Denver at the Denver Diamond Source showroom and got a lot of praises from his fiancé. Their owner Mr. Bruce Chase helped to select the right diamond engagement ring that looked amazing on his fiance.

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