Sometimes you pass through somewhere and you want to know who lives at the house. There is a moment when you want to check the background of the person who lives in this house. Reverse Address lookup services make it possible to perform a search about the residence of the person.

When a neighbor shifts near to your house or when you move from one place to another and you want to know about the surrounding people there, then you need to check the address lookup search. It is done for your security.

Purpose of An  Address Lookup Search

You perform the search address lookup for different purposes. People always want to know who lives near your house and when they move from one place to another then also they want to know who is the neighbor.NumLooker makes it possible to know the neighborhood you with its address lookup service.

With Numlooker you can make different types of searches related to your desire as you can also search here to find my phone location by number with NumLooker, also reverse background search here.

Here are some reasons why you perform the reverse address lookup service.

Learn about the house which you buying

You want to know about the house without informing its owner, who is the real property owner, how many rooms were there in the house when the house was constructed.

Want to reconnect with your old friend and relatives

Through the address lookup service, you can find out your old friends and relatives and meet them once again.

Check your new neighbor

You want to check the identity of the new neighbor who shifted near to your house for your safety.

Get the information about your neighborhood

You are shifting to a new place and you did not know anything about the neighbor, with the help of an address lookup service you need to perform a search here.


NumLooker is the best and free platform to form for different lookup searches. It is trying to provide you with the data and information about the person as simply as possible. With the help of this website, you get rid of the uneasiness to go to any office or any government department to find information about the person. You just go to the website and perform your search task here.

You may also lookup people’s name, email, and address here. All possible information you get here. Which you want to find out about the target person.

Numlooker is the most powerful website to provide data to its users. You can get all the information about a person here. It provides authentic data and information and it is completely free of cost, with nothing to pay for getting the information from the website.

What type of information can you get from the reverse address lookup search?

Address lookup searches provide a large number of data and information about the person. you get the information on current and past residence details and personal details.

Provide the information about the property owners

Address lookup search provides the following information about the property current and past.

  • Full name and age

Address lookup search provides the full name and the age of the property owner.

  • Former address 

It also provides the owner’s past address

  • Contact information

Address lookup search provides the contact information about the owners of the property.

  • Social media accounts information

It also provides information about social media accounts.

  • Criminal records

Address lookup service provides the criminal records also if there are any.

  • Relatives and friend records

It further provides detailed information about friends and relatives and their contact number also.

Information about the neighbor

It also provides information about your neighbor. You can check the locality of the place, geographical and business, and also the education institutes are there.

Details about the property

When you buy or sell any property you can search for this to know 

  • Area code 
  • The layout of the property
  • Square footage of the property
  • Number of rooms and their types
  • A market price or value of the property
  • The legal status of the property
  • Tax and mortgage of property

How does Reverse address lookup service work?

To start an address lookup search you need to type house number, street number, city or town name, zip code in the search bar. After searching you can get all the information about the address.

You get information such as the name of the owner, age, education, address current, and previous. taxation detail, criminal detail, sale history, and market value of the place also.

How to address lookup search with NumLooker

Address lookup service with Numlooker is a very easy and simple process through which you can find out the information in seconds. It’s reliable and trustworthy information that the website provides.

  • Go to the website of the Numlooker
  • After opening the website go to the option and select Reverse address lookup service
  • Open it and enter the required information in the showing bar for example house number, street number, zip code, city, or area name.
  • Click on the button “search” 
  • After a few moments, you can get the desired result on the screen.

You can get all the details such as the name of the owners, phone number, email address, taxation of the property, current and former owner of the property, criminal details, and also the neighbor. It is reliable and trustworthy information you get from the Numlooker website.

Ending Remarks

With the help of an address lookup service, you can know the different information about the address, learn to know the property owner’s name, age, contact number, criminal records also helps you when you trying to buy property .you must know the market value of the property.

Numlooker is one of the best sites to provide you with all the information in a very reliable and authentic way, it gives you all the information for free. It is easy and simple to use the website.

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