Claiming On Your Insurance When Your Car Is Stolen In Thailand

As a car owner, one of your worst nightmares is returning to your vehicle to find it has been stolen and is no longer where you left it. Your world can suddenly come crashing down around you as you realise you are left without a car. However, if you value your vehicle, you will ensure that you have comprehensive car insurance that can protect your investment in times of crisis.

Claiming on your insurance, in this case, is a simple task. Below is a summary of what you need to do.

Discovering The Theft

When you return to where your vehicle was parked and find it is no longer there, the first thing to do is not to panic. Ultimately, it is a possession, and if you have Class 1 car insurance or ประกันรถ ชั้น 1 in Thai, your insurance company will cover the loss and reimburse you at usually the market value. Look around you and look for any evidence but ensure you do not touch anything. It is also worth looking for CCTV that may have caught the thieves in the act, and you can take pictures of the camera using your phone. Calm yourself down, and then start contacting the people you need to speak with to make a claim.

Speak To The Police

Your first phone call should be to the police to report your vehicle stolen, and it also means they can inform officers to be on the lookout for your car. The police will usually come to the crime scene to inspect it and see if they can gather any evidence. You can show them the cameras that may have caught the act, and they can investigate further and see if they can access the footage. There is a lot of car crime in Thailand, so the police will often not take too much interest as the car will most likely be stripped and sold in parts, and it is understandable as there is not a lot they can do. However, you will often find that your insurance company will be much more receptive.

Speak To Your Insurance Company

The next step of the process is speaking to your insurance company, and they will often go into what happened in much more detail than the police. They will ask about where the vehicle was when it was stolen and send an agent to the crime scene to look for evidence. You can also show them any CCTV cameras you noticed to see if they can gain access to video footage. You will need to answer the questions they have, and they will submit your claim for you. You will need to wait for it to be processed.

Receiving Your Claim

It will often take a few months to process your claim and for you to receive reimbursement for your vehicle. If the claim is complicated, it can take longer, but in most cases, you will receive payment for your claim within three months. You can then use the money you receive to purchase a new car or spend it on something else, and it is entirely your choice.

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