Information about Indian economics has been introduced in class 12 the last year. It is an interesting subject as it helps students to learn about the different concepts related to the Indian economy. Many students believe that it is difficult to study economics but if they make the right timetable and choose the right ways for studying economics they can score high. In this article, we will discuss the ways by which students can score high marks in class 12 economics.

Tips to score high marks

A few tips are given here that can help students to study class 12 economics with ease and score high marks. They can follow the tips given here to understand the subject easily.

Know the syllabus

Students must know the syllabus of class 12 economics. They should study from the NCERT books class 12 economics as prescribed by the CBSE. The NCERT books will help students to understand the main topics because the NCERT books include everything and the content in the books are given in a very simple and effective language.

The style of the paper and marks distribution

Students must know the pattern of the final paper and the distribution of marks in the paper so that they can prepare accordingly. Class 12 economic paper will consist of 20 questions and each question will be of one mark. This part will include multiple-choice questions and fill in the blanks. There will also be 4 questions of three marks each, 6 questions of four marks each, and 4 questions of six marks each. There are mostly direct questions asked from the topics given in the NCERT books but some questions are based on analytical thinking which requires deep understanding and proper understanding of the topics.

Study timetable

To study class 12 economic students should make an effective timetable. They should divide the syllabus in such a way that they can cover the entire syllabus easily before the exam. Students can first study the easy chapters from the books such as Money and banking, the balance of payment, government budget, Indian economy, etc. After reading easy chapters, students can prepare for the difficult chapters. Some difficult or lengthy chapters given in class 12 economics include rural development, Determination of income and employment, environment and sustainable development, rural development, growth, and informalization, and other issues.

Spare time for revision

In the timetable, students must spare some time for revision. Revision is an important strategy to learn any subject. Therefore, students must keep revising the old concepts regularly to memorize the important points. They should spend at least 1-2 hours revising.

Past question papers

Students should get an idea about the type of questions asked in the paper from the past question papers. They can download the past question papers from the internet. Past question papers will give an idea about the difficulty level of questions and they can start preparing accordingly. From the previous year’s papers, students can also analyze the topics that are repeated in the exams and they can focus more on such topics. Every chapter has a different weightage of marks in the final exam and therefore students should spend time according to the importance of the chapter.

Download model test papers

Students should spare one day for solving model test papers available on the internet. They can download the paper and solve the paper in the stipulated time so that they can learn managing time in the final exam. By solving model test papers, students can also analyze their preparation for both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Make handwritten notes

Students of class 12 should make notes while studying class 12 economics. They can note down the important points from each chapter of microeconomics and macroeconomics to revise during the final exams. They can also highlight the important definitions and terms in the books so that they can easily focus on them during the exams. Hand-written notes are handy for the students to revise quickly before the exams and they are easy to remember.

Solve questions from the NCERT books

Students must solve all questions given at the end of every chapter in the NCERT books. This will help to boost up the confidence of the students. They can understand the chapter properly and students can estimate their problems in a particular chapter and they can focus on the weak topics. Most questions in the final class 12 economics board exam are asked from the NCERT books therefore it is useful for the students to solve all questions from the NCERT books.

How to attempt a class 12 economics paper?

Students must know the right ways for attempting a class 12 economics paper so that they can finish the entire paper on time. A few tips are given here that can help students to attempt the paper in an organized manner.

  • First, students must read all questions. They should analyze the easy and difficult questions. They should start with the easy questions first as this will help to boost up their confidence. They should solve the difficult questions in the end.
  • If they are not sure about the answer to a particular question they can leave that question and can move further. Wasting time on a particular question is not a good strategy.
  • Students must spare time to revise the paper. This will help students to make sure that they have attempted all questions from the paper and nothing is left. Students must try to attempt as many questions as they can to score high marks in the class 12 economics paper.
  • Students must write the paper in neat and clean handwriting so that they can score high marks. Presenting the paper neatly is an excellent way for the students to score high marks.

Thus, students of class 12 can follow the above-given tips that will help them to score high marks in class 12 economics. They can start preparing for the board exams as there is no time left. Now, exams will be conducted in two sessions. 50 percent of the syllabus will be covered in the exams conducted in November and 50 percent syllabus will be covered in the exams conducted in March. Therefore, students must know the new pattern of exams to score high marks.

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