Maths is an interesting subject and children enjoy doing maths as they do not have to learn anything. They just have to understand the main concepts in maths to solve questions. Sometimes, students make errors in calculations due to which they lose marks in maths. But, if they learn easy tips and tricks for doing fast calculations they can secure 100 percent marks in maths. Every operation has different tricks and students of class 9 can use the trick based on the operation used for solving a particular question. Tricks used for faster calculations will not only help students to finish their exams quickly but can also help them further in scoring high marks in competitive exams. In this article, we will discuss the tricks for faster calculations for class 9 maths. Students can use the given tricks to solve questions with accuracy and save time. Students can also solve complex problems easily by using tricks for faster calculations. 

Class 9 Maths syllabus

Class 9 Maths contains 15 chapters. Students can use NCERT solutions to find solutions for all questions given in the NCERT book. The students of class 9 need to solve all questions to score high marks in the class 9 maths exam. Students of class 9 also follow RS Aggarwal to practice extra questions for class 9. They can also find RS Aggarwal Solutions for class 9 maths on the internet. The solutions for all chapters of class 9 maths are given on the internet. For example, students can click on the link to a particular chapter to download the solutions for individual chapters. For example, they can click on RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9 Maths Ch 7 to download the solutions for chapter 7 of class 9.

Tricks for faster calculations

Students of class 9 can use the given tricks for faster calculations. The tricks can help the students of class 9 to speed up their calculations using the given tricks and can improve their maths scores in class 9. 

Tricks to multiply by 9, 99, and 999

Students can use the following trick to multiply any number by 9, 99, and 999. 

To multiply a number by 9 students have to use the following trick. They will multiply the number by (10-1)

For example, to multiply 78 by 9 students will do 78 (10-1) = 780 -78= 702. It is a simple and easy trick and students can easily solve the given multiplication in their minds. 

To multiply a number by 99, students can use the same trick like they can multiply the given number by (100-1).

For example, to multiply 85 by 99 students can do 85 (100-1) = 8500- 85 = 8415

Similarly, students can use the trick to multiply a number by 999. For example, to multiply 60 by 999 students can write 60 (1000-1) = 60000- 60 = 59940

Trick to find the percentage of a given number quickly

Students can use the following trick to find the percentage of a given number quickly. For example, students have to find 15% of 250. Move the decimal point to one number for a given number. So 250 will become 25 and then divide the number by 2 which is equal to 12.5. So, 12.3 is the answer to the given problem. 

Trick to subtract a given number from 1000

Students can use a simple trick to subtract a number from 1000. Subtract every digit of the given number from 9 and the last digit from 10. For example, if you have to subtract 775 from 1000, you can subtract like this 

9-7= 2

9-7 = 2

10- 5= 5

The answer is 225.

Trick to multiply numbers that end in zero

It is very simple to multiply the number whose last digit is zero. Students can multiply the other numbers and then add zeroes. For example, 400 x 300

4 x 3 = 12

Add zeros at the end which is equal to 120000.

Trick to square a two-digit number that ends in 5

For example, if students have to square 45

They have to multiply the first digit by itself plus 1 and then put 25 in the end.

So, (45)2

 4 (4+1) = 16 + 4= 20

Now, add 25 at the end and the answer will become 2025

Thus, (45)2  = 2025

Tricks for division

Students of class 9 can also use easy tricks for dividing the numbers. There are different rules to follow to divide the given number by a particular number.

For example, a number is divided by 10 if the end digit is 0

The number is divided by 9 if the sum of all digits of the given number is divisible by 9. For example, the number 378 is the number. Add all the digits of the number which is equal to 3 +7 + 8= 18. Now, 18 is divisible by 9. So, you can divide 378 by 9.

You can divide a given by 8 if the last three digits of the given number are divisible by 8. For example, the number is 2464. The last three digits are divisible by 8. Therefore, the given number is also divisible by 8. 

The number is divisible by 6 if a number is an even number and when the digits are added together the answer is divisible by 3. For example, the number is 246. It is an even number and when we add the digits together the number is 12 which is also divisible by 3. Thus, 246 is also divisible by 6 and 3.

The number is divisible by 5 if the last digit of the number is either 0 or 5. For example, if the number is 245, the last digit is 5, it is divisible by 5.

You can divide a number by 3 if you get a multiple of 3 on adding all the digits of a given number. For example, the number is 369. On adding the digits you will get 18 and therefore the number 369 divisible by 3.

Thus, students of class 9 can follow the above-given tricks for faster calculations. They can use the tricks in exams to score high marks.

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