Cleaning your pet's hair has not been easier

Having a dog or a cat or any kind of pet is the best feeling in the whole world. When you’re at your lowest of moods, your pets will be there for you and will accompany you during the “ruff” times. 

Sorry, we had to make that joke. 

But being a pet parent isn’t all that easy and it can be a huge challenge for you to clean up after the mess your pets leave behind. 

They shed hair everywhere and it can give you itchy eyes or allergies and in the worst case, respiratory problems. 

And your regular, outdated, traditional vacuum may not be able to pick up all of it.

Cleaning your pet's hair has not been easier

Well, that’s what we’re here for, as we’re here to talk to you about the ultimate solution to all your pet dander problems, giving you a clean environment, while you can just sit back and enjoy reading a book or drinking your tea. 

With the amazing boons of robotic vacuums like Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, you could be the pet parent of the year and give your pets all the attention and love they need, while also taking care of yourself and your loved ones. 

This range of robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to make your lives simpler by banishing all pet-hair and you don’t have to move a muscle!

These robotic vacuum cleaners aim to clean wet or dry surfaces effectively enough, but detecting the smallest of particles on any given surface. 

And they’re so versatile that they have models that perform every particular function you need.

A range of robotic buddies use smart technology to help you clean wet and  dry (or both) surfaces without any hassle. They’re extremely compact and easy to store and you’ll never worry about having pet hair lying around again!

Why a robotic vacuum cleaner?

  1. You will not have to do any work 

It should come as no surprise when we say that the biggest advantage of our robotic range is that they will give you a comfortable life. 

You will never have to get up to vacuum the house ever again because robotic vacuums will help in reducing all your efforts, while also improving your cleaning routine. 

All you have to do is turn it on and do whatever you want, because its intelligent cleaning technology will sense the dirt around it and leave your surfaces sparkling clean. 

  1. Spick and span in NO TIME!

This smart cleaning technology enables the entire process to be done in very little time. And when you can leave your surfaces spotless in very less time, why wouldn’t you choose us?

And most of us do not have time in our everyday lives to spare for cleaning tediously through a traditional vacuum cleaner and so, these products could be a life-saver. 

These robotic vacuum cleaners do not need any supervision and are smarter than most humans (sadly); they can detect the edge of a surface and some of the models even have a specific path that can be controlled by our app. 

  1. Will clean any surface

Robotic vacuum cleaners are tailored to clean any kind of surface – wet or dry or both – giving you the paramount cleaning experience. 

Most robots have a built in sensor that can detect edges and the kind of surface it is cleaning and adjust its setting accordingly so that it can clean effectively.

And it can clean ANY kind of surface – carpet, wood, walls , etc., – you name it and we’ve got it covered! 

  1. Extremely efficient

Did we forget to mention that these robotic pals clean 90% more effectively than most other vacuum cleaners? 

No, we don’t say this because we want to sell this idea to you, but because their intelligent technology will help you reevaluate your cleaning routine. 

Our vacuum cleaners are equipped with smart and intelligent cleaning technology that will pick up any level of dirt and debris and can charge themselves when they’re low on battery. 

They can also detect boundaries and move in a particular path, without destroying any furniture around it. 

Some of these products have an amazing battery life and are built with premium materials, which means that they’re economical and budget friendly for you. 

  1. Low maintenance

Apart from being really compact and easy to store, which is one of the biggest advantages of this stylish design, the robotic vacuum cleaner range also charges by itself and is very easy to maintain. 

This means that whenever the robot is done cleaning, it charges itself so that it is ready for the next cleaning routine. 

And it will clean your house even when you aren’t at home, while you can control and watch it do its job on your phone. 

  1. Compact and Mobile

How bulky is your traditional vacuum cleaner on a scale of one to oh what a struggle?

Traditional vacuum cleaners can take upto an entire room for storage! 

That’s right, sometimes storage could be your biggest disadvantage with a regular vacuum cleaner, but these compact robotic heroes could be fit into the tiniest of spaces.

  1. Added advantages

Apart from all of these advantages, this robotic vacuum cleaner range has so many more features that redefine cleaning and convenience standards. 


Its unique features make it one of a kind and you’ll be making the right and smart choice of technology over manual cleaning.

Compact and Mobile
Compact and Mobile
  • Big Dust Bags: Vacuum robotic cleaners come with a bigger capacity dust collectors, which means that they can hold a lot more dirt and debris than usual ones and need to be replaced very less often. 
  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Most models are cordless or wireless and are extremely useful for hands-free cleaning. This makes these products effortless to maintain and there will be no cords entangled in the way of your cleaning process. 
  • Longer life span: The products in the range require very little maintenance and consequently have a longer shelf life than most other vacuum cleaners, which means you won’t have to invest on a vacuum cleaner every now and then. 
  • Smart:The product line of robotic vacuum cleaners use the most intelligent solutions as a rescue to all your cleaning solutions. They can detect boundaries and their paths can be directed however you want them to move. They can use your home wifi to be controlled on the app and with the touch of a few buttons, you can leave your homes looking pristine. 

At the end of the day, it is too fun to have your dog giving you adorable looks and waiting for his treat or your cat running around like a maniac, but pet hair can cause a lot of problems. 

But don’t take that risk and introduce a robotic cleaning friend into your life to live the hassle free, chords free and bulky vacuum free experience. 

Modern houses require this range of smart, sustainable and long-lived vacuum cleaners because they’re the epitome of convenient and easy living. They make your chores easier and allow you to sit back and focus on other important work.

These come as versatile solutions to all your cleaning requirements and let you live life in style and comfort. 

So the next time you find your pet’s hair lying around, you’ll think of us, we promise.

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