When it comes to getting more leads, there are a variety of methods that have been effective in the past and that are still used today – cold calling and cold emailing have long been the go-to method for volume but are they still just as effective? If you’re looking to invest in a business development agency, chances are this is still one of the methods that will be used, but what are the benefits and drawback of this method for generating leads?

All about volume

The biggest benefit to these methods of lead generation has always been about volume – hundreds of calls can be made per day and granted lists are available, thousands of emails can be put through different software and automated process too to ensure the volume is there. As software has become more sophisticated, it has become easier to filter through potential contact lists to ensure a higher quality too, but it’s more often the case that this approach is throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

Creativity has become key

Speaking of software becoming more sophisticated for the teams outreaching for leads, filters on emails and call filtering has also become more sophisticated, as such it’s much easier for emails or calls to simple go straight to spam or be ignored entirely. This is where creativity from the business development agency is needed, by exploring new methods to ensure the volume stays high and to make sure this outreach doesn’t end up in the spam is important and creativity here is key. Many agencies will offer a demonstration of the work they do through a demo, so it’s easy to explore exactly what’s on offer and what they may be doing differently from competition.

Targeted outreach is still “cold” too

Not all lead generation necessarily needs to be cold outreach for a big list of pre-obtained contacts and doing more targeted outreach for influencers or public figures in that space is great too in something more similar to PR – different agencies may specialize more in this type of cold outreach and so may be worth exploring if this is a preferred approach, but both have their own merits and their own drawbacks too.

As cold emails and cold calls are still so prevalent, it’s safe to say they’re still a very effective method of lead generation when looking at business development – be sure to book a demo and listen to more about the approach to see if it’s the right fit for your business.

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