Commercial Concrete – Which Type to Choose for Your Construction Needs

When it comes to building and construction works, the first thing that comes to mind is concrete. Every building project needs concrete. Because of its adaptability and durability, it is no surprise that commercial concrete makes it to the top of building materials.

Block Layers Sand is used when mixing mortars for block-laying and in plaster mixes for paving or exterior concrete block wall finishes.

For San Antonio TX concrete contractors, not all concrete is the same. You should choose the best type of commercial concrete based on your construction needs for the best result. If you are not familiar with the different types and advantages of commercial concretes, your concrete contractors must be able to explain it to you.

Let us look at the different types of commercial concrete in this article.


Normal concrete is the most basic type of commercial concrete. It is also called normal concrete. It is commonly used in building skyscrapers, buildings, and walls. It is a mixture of regular cement, aggregates (stones and/or sand), and water.

During preparation, the mixture is left for at least 90 minutes before using for construction. This type of commercial concrete is very popular because it is commonly used in almost any construction works. Whether you are building a house or just making a driveway, this commercial concrete mixture works. The only downside of using normal concrete is its appearance. When done, it looks like regular cement and is hard to style or design.

This kind of commercial cement doesn’t last long when exposed to places with severe weather conditions.


For most commercial spaces or buildings where traffic is expected, the use of high-strength concrete mix is recommended. Most commercial concrete contractors who are into the construction business often suggest this to their clients.

Just like normal cement, it is also a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. The only difference is the ratio of water to cement which is lower. The aggregates used also include more durable materials like more stones or gravel instead of sand. After mixing, the mixture is also left for a longer period as compared to normal cement. This is to give the mixture time to settle down and turn more durable. You can see this type of commercial concrete on bridges, shears, and building foundations.

High Performance

Concrete contractors who are working on larger buildings or pillars often use high performance cement. This type of commercial cement is used on large buildings that need to stay strong and reliable such as warehouses. This type of mixture is also expected to last longer than those built with high-strength cement.

Mixing high performance commercial concrete requires more skills and understanding. The ratio of the cement, aggregates, and water to be used is important in ensuring its durability. A highly professional and skilled concrete contractor is needed for this type of construction job.


As the name implies, it is a mixture of concrete where the air is trapped within the concrete mix. This is a very recent development in the construction industry and is only used on special construction jobs. You can ask your concrete contractor if they are familiar or trained in doing a construction job with this type of commercial concrete. Very limited information is known about air-entrained commercial concrete and the only thing known so far is that it is weaker as compared to its predecessors.

Finding Your Reliable San Antonio Concrete Contractors

When searching for concrete contractors to do your construction project, keep in mind a few things. Look for contractors that have excellent staff. They should be able to explain the process step by step on how they are planning to make your project a success.

Look for a contractor with a portfolio especially for new contractors. For established concrete contractors, ask for their client feedback or testimonies. You can also ask for their license and certificates to prove that they are trained and skilled. This is a way for you to check the quality of their work in the past.

Lastly, verify if they have the capability, not just skills, but also tools and materials to complete your project without delay. Will they be able to provide you with high-quality materials? Can they complete your project on time?

Final Thoughts

Once you found your San Antonio TX concrete contractor to trust, talk to them and keep your communication open. Ask them if you have questions. If you are not sure about commercial concrete to use, talk to them. Ask them to explain it to you. Remember, the project they are building is yours so make sure to have the best of it.

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