Common Exterior Issues Found During Home Inspections

Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience. It can be a little daunting, too, but that’s all part of the fun. There are so many new things to explore and get used to, and it’s a great feeling when everything is finally in place and you can just relax and enjoy your new home. However, before you purchase your new home, you will want to complete a thorough home inspection to make sure you’re not getting in over your head with expensive home repairs.There are a few common exterior issues that can be found during a home inspection. Continue reading to learn more about home exterior problems you should watch out for.

Roofing Issues


A roof inspection is a key part of any home inspection. One of the most common roofing issues is a missing or broken shingle. This can cause water to seep into your home, which can lead to a number of other problems. Another common issue is missing or damaged flashing. This is the metal or plastic that is used to seal the joints between the roofing material and the walls of the home. If it is missing or damaged, water can seep through and cause damage to the walls or the roofing material. Leaking or missing gutters can also be a problem. Gutters help to direct the water away from the home, and if they are missing or damaged, the water can damage the foundation or the roofing material.

A roof inspection should be left to the professionals, especially if you are not sure what constitutes a serious problem. The installers at All County Exteriors are available to answer your questions and assess the condition of your roof. With their many years of experience, you can turn to All County Exteriors for all your roof installation and repair needs.

Windows and Doors


Windows and doors are two of the most commonly inspected features of a home. Exterior issues often found during window inspections are improper seals that can allow water and pests inside the home, cracks that can let in wind and cold air, and windows that are painted shut, which can be difficult and expensive to fix. The most common issues found during door inspections include improper seals that let in water and pests, improper alignment that can cause the door to swing open unexpectedly, and rotting that fosters hazardous mold growth. Broken windows and doors can also present a security hazard, making it easier for burglars to break in. In some cases, windows and doors may be so deteriorated that they need to be replaced.

If you are buying a home, it is important to have it inspected by a qualified home inspector. They will be able to identify any potential exterior issues with the windows and doors and recommend the appropriate repairs. On the other side, if you’re selling your home adding curb appeal to your exterior is an important element to attract potential buyers if your house is on the marked.



The foundation of your new home will definitely need a thorough inspection. One common issue is a foundation that is not level. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as poor soil conditions, a poor design, or damage. A foundation that is not level can lead to other exterior problems, such as doors and windows that don’t close properly, cracks in the walls, and water infiltration. Thus, it is essential to have a professional assess your home’s foundation to avoid several other exterior problems in the future.

If you’re buying a home, you should be aware of these potential problems and ask the seller to fix them before you finalize the sale. If the seller is unwilling to fix the issues, you may want to reconsider buying the home or ask to purchase at a reduced price. You can then hire contractors to address the exterior problems and get your new home in great shape once again.

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