Raising a family is one of life’s most fruitful endeavours, but it comes with an array of unique trials and tribulations. This is especially relevant to first time parents adapting to the challenges of raising a child, and how to respond to their delicate development. 

While all of us recognize the importance of the smile, serving as our window to the world, it’s no shocker that a child’s smile and ensuring its healthy evolution is even more substantial! That’s why most parents make sure they visit a dental expert like the cosmetic dentist in dallas and keep their family’s dental health in check. To gain a better understanding of the role dentistry plays in raising a family, let’s address some common questions which ponder the minds of parents.          

A Child’s First Tooth

Teeth actually develop while a child is still in the womb and remain hidden under the gum tissue. These baby teeth typically begin to ‘erupt’ far before the child’s first birthday, as most children’s teeth become visible around the 6-month mark. Referred to as teething, this can be irritating for our little bundle of joys, and will likely shift their loveable personas into a cranky outburst every so often.

With the appearance of the first baby teeth, it’s now expected of a parent to book a checkup appointment (and first introduction) with a trusted dental professional! While all children sprout teeth at different paces, each child should familiarize themselves with a dentist by no later than one year of age.

The Necessity of Filling a Child’s Cavity

Young children notoriously develop cavities more frequently than their adult counterparts. This is due to particular hormonal changes occurring in young children and their increased likelihood to be flippant about brushing and flossing once they get a little older.

Logically, many parents might also consider skipping a cavity filling if it’s a baby tooth experiencing tooth decay- but this is a dangerous approach! While yes, a baby tooth, cavity or none, will eventually leave the nest, it still requires professional attention. 

Cavities will cause pain and discomfort if left untreated and severely inhibit a child’s ability to perform daily activities. Additionally, untreated tooth decay will surely progress from a mere cavity into a severe infection, posing substantial risk to the integrity of surrounding teeth, gum tissue, and even jaw bone development!

Dental Sealants, a Step in the Right Direction

To avoid the possible fears of the picture briefly painted above, many dental professionals encourage children to receive a specialized fluoride treatment. Acting as protective shields, dental sealants are thin coatings which dentists usually paint on the chewing surfaces of the molars (back teeth). 

They are designed to effectively ward off the progression of tooth decay by reinforcing the structure of the teeth, and are an important measure many professionals take to strengthen the dental resilience of their younger patients. Sealants are usually applied to the molars since they are the most difficult to reach when brushing, and often pose a challenge when attempting to rid any smile, especially a child’s, of bacteria accumulation.

Checkups During Pregnancy

For generations now there has circulated a misleading wives tale- one which states pregnant women should avoid visiting their dentist for routine care. This couldn’t be further from the truth! While yes, more serious procedures may be postponed if not totally urgent, and extra precautions will be adopted to ensure the safety of the mother (such as additional steps for x-rays), pregnant patients are encouraged to visit their dentists!      

A baby developing in the womb will undoubtedly bring about changes in the carriers’ hormones. This typically causes pregnant women to be more vulnerable in developing oral infections and gum disease. This is where the magnitude of dental visits while pregnant comes to fruition, as a dentist is committed to securing the health of your smile during this precious period. 

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