There are many companies that buy houses for cash Wisconsin. They may pay a lesser amount than other options homes but these are the best options for you if you own a distressed property, you need immediate cash for your new home.

Selling to a cash company in Wisconsin is a good option if you need to get liquid money in your pocket quickly. If you want to make more money, then you can consider listing your house with a real estate agent. A good agent can help you get the price of your choice by finding a buyer from a big pool of buyers who can pay the amount your property is worth. Isn’t that great?

If you have been spending hours looking for legitimate real estate companies in Wisconsin that can provide you cash for your home, then here we have created a list of the best options. The websites are based on the closing time, customer reviews, availability, and quality of services.

Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer

Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer is a local brand that is run as a family-owned business. The company purchases houses in Milwaukee and surrounding places. The company was formed in 1999, and hence they have a rich experience in the local market. The company was also able to positive customer reviews.

Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer provides a cash offer within 24 hours of the listing. You can close a deal in as less than 14 days. The team makes an offer, then visits your house for inspection and discusses the process ahead in case you accept the offer. This is a little different from the rest as other cash buyers make an offer after inspecting the house.

The company enjoys five-star reviews on Google. The sellers who have worked with this company already share that the firm provides professional services at fair prices. This makes the selling experience smooth and hassle-free.


Though Houzeo does not directly buy cash houses it has listed companies that buy houses for cash Wisconsin like Opendoor and Offerpad. Houzeo is a trustworthy and popular platform for sellers. The best thing about selling a house on Houzeo is that it provides maximum exposure to the sellers who want to sell homes for cash. also enhances the exposure for your home by listing it on the MLS as well as other real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, etc. Houzeo ensures that the sale’s legalities and conditions remain flexible. The house sale is conducted as per reasonable moving-out timelines and closing dates. Houzeo allows cash home buyers to view listings and has a track record of facilitating low-cost cash home sellers and buyers.

So, if you aim to get maximum cash for your home, not pay any hidden charges, and use cutting-edge technology to make the home selling process easy and simple, then use Houzeo services. You can also check out Houzeo reviews to confirm the same.


iBuyers or Instant Buyers also work like cash companies. In the process of selling a home to iBuyers, you need to provide all the details about your house online. you are also expected to add some photos of your home. Using proprietary algorithms, they determine the value of your home and provide you with a preliminary cash offer. The offer is made in a few minutes to three days. They make free offers and when you accept the offer, they initiate a home inspection. After confirming whether the property needs any repairs, a sum of money is cut from the original offer, and you need to sign the final agreement.

As per iBuyer reviews, The company may charge service fees, closing costs, repair credits, etc. along with other miscellaneous fees.

Express Homebuyers

As the name suggests, this company works on the principles of providing speed and convenience to the sellers. Express Homebuyers is a nationwide company that buys homes for cash. The company makes all-cash offers only after the inspection of the property. They close the deal as soon as possible, and sometimes within seven days.

Express Homebuyers is an established brand and is known to purchase more than 4,000 homes since 2003. They have positive customer reviews and the sellers find them that they offer fair prices and fast service. Express Homebuyers also has some complaints from homeowners such as making an extremely low offer, pestering the customers even when they were not interested, etc. Some cash buyer companies spam you with offers, so ensure not to sign anything or accept an unfair offer.

We Buy Ugly Houses

This well-known national brand is also one of the companies that buy houses for cash Wisconsin. They are also known as HomeVestors. They have a big network of cash buyer franchisees who buy homes throughout the U.S since 1996. The locations like Wisconsin, Duluth-Superior, Green Bay, La Crosse-Eau Claire, Madison, and entire Milwaukee are some of the names.

We Buy Ugly Houses has a good reputation and offers quick service. The company makes a final cash offer only after reviewing the property well by inspection and walkthrough. They ensure to close the deal as soon as within three weeks. 

We Buy Ugly Houses enjoys mixed customer reviews. The sellers who want quick and easy transactions with great services can seek the services of this professional company. There are negative reviews of the company too that complain about their poor service, low offers, and more.

We Buy Ugly Houses has a five-star rating on the sites like Google.

Depending on your primary need and goals, you can sell your home quickly for cash or wait for a great offer. If speed is your primary aim, then considering the market conditions and the status of your home, you need to move ahead with looking for the best companies that buy houses for cash Wisconsin. If you are concerned about selling a home in poor condition, then the cash buying companies offer great help. You can also take the help of a real estate agent.

Many great cash companies provide a great price of the home too as per the fair market value of the home. As per iBuyer reviews, they help you sell faster within two weeks or less. When thinking of selling a house at a better price, you need to prepare your home before the inspection. For example, you can remove all the junk and clutter, go for some non-expensive but helpful upgrades, make the property structurally unsound, and more. This will massively enhance the sale value of your home.

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