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Consolidated 3D is a collaborative platform for all the people, companies that are interested in 3D printing. Consolidated 3D provides the latest news on resin 3D printers and printing services, 3D scanners, and much more.

If you are contemplating

1) What is 3D Printing

2) What is laser cutting

3) Laser cutter

4) Best 3D printing software

5) Price of the 3D printer

6) From where you can find 3D printers for sale

7) From where 3D models can be downloaded to print?

Consolidated 3D is the solution!

Consolidated 3D supports all the 3D systems. It is a platform that contains all the necessary and important information about 3D printing and its other services. With this platform, members can interact with each other regarding printing methods and processes. There are 3D printer groups on the website where members can get the latest news, updates, and information about 3D printing. Actually, it helps to reduce the learning process of participating in the 3D printing world. If you are already working in the 3D industry, you can get the latest 3D trends. Also, Consolidated 3D can help you to find a suitable 3D printer for the beginners, best printing material, and other services. 3D model downloads are simple, which allows the members to start 3D printing in no time. This website has groups containing 3D printers, Laser Cutters, and CNC Machines used for 3D printing.

Consolidated 3D Groups

Consolidated 3D has groups similar to other social media platform groups, but they are specifically created for 3D printing and other materials. The groups are

  • 3D printers
  • Laser Cutters
  • Computer Numerical Control(CNC)

All these groups contain information about the manufacturers and the models developed by these groups. All the members of these groups can post regarding specific technology that is used for 3D printing.

3D printers create the shape of the filament model, which can consume more time and take more cost for the material used. 3D printers group contains information from the members in which information is given for the specific technology. For instance, in 3D printers, Selective Laser Sintering Technology Carbon-composite material from the CRP technology is being used to construct the new wind tunnel of AW60 in the aerospace sector.

Laser Cutters A laser cutter uses the laser to cut all types of designs and patterns into specified material. By melting or burning the material for creating the design, the laser can vaporize upon the material and laser. Chinese laser cutters are a great way to get highly accurate designs with precision. Laser cutters are mostly used on glass, wood, and metal, etc. This group also contains details about the manufacturers and laser cutters where group members can get related information.

Computer Numerical Control(CNC) group contains the details about the CNC machines and Milling. CNC is a process used to control multiple types of machining tools with newer additive manufacturing machines. Also, CNC provides the facility to fabricate the complex parts by controlling the tools precisely. Therefore, CNC can also be applied to various machines regardless of the machine’s function, which can be in the form of cutting, printing, or something else.

Consolidated 3D Members Page

Members page consists of all information about the members of consolidated 3D. It contains the list of all members and displays the names of the companies/members and their followers, using consolidated 3D. The members of consolidated 3D can view all the latest news. Also, the latest news or updates can be posted by the members of the groups.

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