Today, PDF files are all around the web. Electronic books and brochures are in this format. Word documents have vast design choices, and most use it to create reports. You can be creative in Word. You can design the texts and insert objects to enhance the records. Your final documents for sharing and storing can use a word to pdf converter free online to save your file. Converting your word file to PDF protects it from accidental alterations. It is more presentable and accessible on any device. PDF has a smaller file size, which makes it easy to share. You may be thinking, where can you convert your Word to pdf for free. There are a lot of online PDF platforms, but gogopdf is the best one. They can transform your file for free and also have other tools for your PDF-related tasks. Make sure to check your documents before finally converting them to PDF. 

GogoPDF Offers Free PDF Conversion

Gogopdf’s most in-demand tool is the Word to PDF converter. The process is simple. In a few seconds, your document will be converted to PDF. You only need to upload your file on their server. You can select from your device or drag and drop the file. After uploading the Word document, you don’t have to do anything. Wait, and gogopdf will convert your file. Your files will be ready for download. You can also share it using a file link that gogopdf will provide. The best thing is that you can enjoy these tools for free. Gogopdf offers free services. They secure everything you upload on their website. They delete converted files after an hour from their server. Other formats that you can convert to PDF with gogopdf include Excel and PowerPoint. You can also convert JPG images and HTML web page to PDF. You can convert PDF to other office file formats like Word, Excel PowerPoint, PDF/A, JPG, and PNG images with gogopdf.

Tips in Converting Word to PDF

Converting a Word Document to PDF will restrict you from making changes. You must make sure that your document is free of errors. Run a spelling and grammar check. Available in the word processor and online platforms that you can use for free. You should review the format of your document. Check the style and size of the text. Make sure the pictures do not overlap with any text. Though you can add page number to PDFs, it is best to have it before converting to Word to PDF. Page numbers make the document look professional. Use a standard page size for your word document. Make sure that your Word document is not password protected before converting.

GogoPDF Is an All-In-One PDF Tool

Other than conversion tasks, gogopdf also offers other free tools. You can compress your PDF into a smaller size for fast sharing and save storage space. Thus, the sharing of documents on many devices can cause a corrupted file. GogoPDF can repair your PDF. If you have separate PDF files that you want to combine, gogopdf can merge your files. Split PDF is a tool where you can separate the pages of your PDF. Another great feature is the rotate PDF. From Portrait, you can change the page orientation to landscape. Since PDF is a non-editable format, you need to use software to delete a page. With gogopdf, you can do it. Gogopdf has an edit PDF tool that can add and delete text, pictures, drawings, and shapes. Since file security is critical, gogopdf has created a means to protect your file. You can add a password for your file for protection. For contracts, you can use gogopdf to sign your documents.


If you need to convert your word document to PDF, make use of free online tools. Their platforms are easy to use and secured. You don’t have to pay any subscription fee to enjoy their services. You can also convert through online software. However, it will take time to download the program and install it on your device. Other offline software has complicated steps and hard to follow instructions. With Online PDF tools, you will increase your productivity. Gogopdf is the best PDF suite you can find online. Check out their website for your PDF needs.

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