Cosmetic Surgery: The Turkish way

With science and technology advancing, healthcare procedures have improved drastically.  The trickle effect of this can also be seen in the cosmetology industry. Sometimes people may opt for cosmetic procedures to help with ageing, or to improve certain aspects of their body that they might not be completely satisfied with. However, there are several scenarios wherein a person opts for cosmetic surgery because of some underlying illness. These surgical procedures not only help ease people’s lives but also contribute towards increasing their self-confidence.

The spike in the number of people opting for cosmetic surgery abroad has soared in the recent past. We witness this increase in medical tourism because the treatments in countries like Turkey and Thailand are more affordable, and the surgeons are more elaborate in their operations. Apart from the treatment cost, there are several other factors that contribute towards an increasing rate of medical tourism centric to cosmetology. Let’s know about these in detail.

Cosmetic tattooing is an emerging form of cosmetic surgery. It is a procedure that uses tattoos to cover up imperfections on the skin

What’s different in Turkey?

Cosmetic surgery facilities are offered by almost all the countries out there. But most people choose Turkey above all else. Here’s why.

  • Government facilities

The government of Istanbul has invested a huge amount in building large-scale medical infrastructures in Turkey. Hospitals that can facilitate 5000-10000 beds at one time and are equipped with world-class facilities and high-tech equipment. The government has employed well-qualified professionals, top-class medical practitioners and also encouraged in promoting the scientific research of that place that has facilitated patients in numerous ways. For example, affordable  medicines, airport connectivity facilities, luxury hotels situated just adjacent to super-specialty hospitals, all-inclusive budgeted packages have made this country an attractive destination for treatment.

  • Low cost

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey is significantly budgeted compared to any other place. It offers all required facilities to the customers at affordable prices that are much cheaper than the US or European countries. For instance, Rhinoplasty surgery in the UK costs around £3000-£5000, but if you compare it with the prices in Turkey, the same will cost around £1500. In some surgeries, the cost is 90% cheaper than the western countries and sometimes even cheaper than in Asia. The foreign exchange rates also play a vital role in the cost-cutting of such treatments in Turkey. The government of Turkey is also planning to build tax-free health care zones aiming at more international patients.

  • Negligible Waiting time

If we talk about the average waiting time for cosmetic surgeries in the US or EU, it is around 16-18 months. And if we talk about the same for Turkey, it is hardly around 2-3 weeks for minor surgeries. This is one of the key reasons that attract medical tourists to Turkey.

  • High success rate

The country has a large number of well-educated, certified, and experienced surgeons who are capable of pulling off the most difficult surgeries with ease. It ranks second in Europe, and ninth globally in terms of qualified plastic surgeons.

  • No Visa restrictions

Another reason that boosts the process of cosmetic surgery in Turkey is the no-visa facility that it provides to tourists. Turkey allows visa-free access to people from more than 70 countries. This encourages more and more tourists to choose Turkey as their next medical travel destination.

Now, if you’re looking for a place that can enhance your aesthetic appearance to another level, or help you ease your medical condition without having to spend a fortune, you need to opt for cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

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