Creating A Healthy Bathroom

For anyone who is trying to lose weight and live a generally healthier lifestyle, they should think about organizing their bathroom so that it enables you to foster habits that are good for you. In order to make your bathroom healthy, it must first be clean and tidy. Although most people do not look forward to scrubbing down their toilet or cleaning their bath tub, these are things that need to be done in order to get the space to the right level of cleanliness. By having your bathroom free from clutter, you can clear your mind of stress and be fully focused on achieving your health goals.

Below are some of the tips and tricks that you can adopt in order to make your bathroom a healthy space for not only you but your family.

Spend time cleaning up

You should aim to spend at least 5 mins each and every day tidying / cleaning the space, although if your bathroom is already clean then it might not even take that long to get it how you want it to be. Make a start by wiping down all of the countertops, the toilet, and the sink with some sort of disinfecting wipe. Put all items that are out back into their place, draw the shoer curtain, and hang up all of your towels. Doing this will make your bathroom clean and clutter free, putting you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Keep the lid shut

Each and every time that you flush the toilet, it is important to ensure that the lid remains closed. This is because scientific studies have shown that water, urine, and faecal particles can be sprayed as far as fifteen feet out of the bowl, completely covering the surrounding area, including your toothbrush, in potentially harmful germs and bacteria. 

Hang your towels up

Towel bars, such as the Reina Albi chrome towel bar from Victoria Plum, are not merely for decorative purposes. They are there for you to hang your wet towel from so that it can dry for use next time. Towel bars or radiators are important to use as wet towels attract lots of mildew and mold. These things can lead to irritation of the throat and eyes, as well as stuffiness in the nose. For this reason, you should not only hang your towel up straight away after use, but also make sure that you wash them regularly. 

Don’t slip

If you have a shower that is in your bath tub, you are probably well aware that it can soon become slippery underfoot when wet. This could potentially be very dangerous for older or less mobile people who are already unsteady on their feet and may slip over as a result. Investing in a bath tub mat, will provide much more grip and stop any slips or falls from happening.

By implementing just some of the above things you will instantly be making your bathroom a much healthier and safer place.

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