Creative Container Ideas To Grow Your Favourite Plants 

Apart from plants and flowers, quirky and creative planters are also a lot in trend these days. You can find a wide variety of quirky and creative planters made of different types of materials to choose from to find the perfect type for your plants. From resin planters to rustic bronze and wooden planters, there are so many choices available for you to choose and make your pick. These planters not only enhance the beauty of the plants but also of your interiors and give it a completely different look, adding statement and style to the interiors.  However, it is not always necessary to buy planters. You can always get creative and make your own ones out of old things by turning them into cool and creative planters. Here are some great ideas of creating beautiful planters from waste material that will surely get you inspired to create your own ones.

Mason Jar Planter: Do you have some old mason jars lying around your place that you think are of absolutely no use? If yes, you can surely put these jars into use by converting them into beautiful planters. You can use glass paints to paint these beautiful jars with patterns and colors of your choice that can be used to grow indoor plants and cacti or every kind.

Teapot Planters: Teapot planters not only look unique but also add a definition of statement and class into your garden as well as interiors. You can use an old metal teapot or that made of ceramic as well as other materials that add charm to your garden space as well as interiors. You can even choose to paint these teapots into vibrant colors that will surely stand out from the rest of the planters in your home.

Denim Planters: We are sure that you must have old and worn-out denim at your place that you no longer wear and are willing to dispose of them. If yes, this is the perfect opportunity to convert your old jeans into creative and unusual planters. All you have to do is fold the planters from the bottom to convert and file them mud till the top. Now, place the plants of your choice into this and you can hang them in your garden or dedicate a corner of your room to these planters.

Shoe Planters: Have a lot of old and worn-out shoes, just lying in a corner of your room? What is amazing is that you can convert them into planters too. You can use old boots, and shoes, color them into your specific choices and fill them with manure. You can plant beautiful flowering plants of different colors and make your garden look absolutely amazing.

Tire Planters: Even if you have wasted tires at home, you can go to various stores and buy old and worn-out tires at a very reasonable price. You can paint these tires with beautiful and bold colors including yellow, red, blue, white, green, and place them with plants in your outdoor garden space as well as dedicate a space in your house to these beautiful and creative planters. 

Toolbox Planters: Do you have an old toolbox that is no longer of any use? If yes, you can paint this toolbox and upcycle it into a beautiful planter that can adorn the beauty of your outdoor as well as indoor space. A toolbox planter has a completely different aura and will surely add definition and style to your home.

Tin Can Planters: Be tin cans of every type, you can surely convert them into vibrant and colorful planters. You can use tin cans of every shape and size and make your planters fill the space with beautiful flowers and green plants that will surely add a different aura to your indoor and outdoor space and make them look more beautiful and appealing.

As Mother’s Day is also just around the corner, you can also gift Mother’s Day flowers in these DIY planters that will surely win her heart over. You can also design a planter out of any of the materials and add these to your space.

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