10 crypto experts

You will find several people over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, claiming they have extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency trading. The truth is, some of these individuals understand the entirety of cryptocurrency and its trading aspect. On the other hand, there is another group that wants to gain prominence as cryptocurrency experts.

In 2020, the cryptocurrency industry comprises a diverse group of influential people like investors, technologists, visionaries, and policymakers who believe in cryptocurrency’s potential. In this article, we will be listing 10 of these experts who have been at the epicenter of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Changpeng Zhao aka CZ

If you are one of the people who know the basics of cryptocurrency trading, you must have heard of Changpeng Zhao, the CEO, and founder of Binance. By its looks, Binance is the largest crypto casinos exchange platform globally in terms of trading volume. In 2020, the exchange platform has been actively developing new services alongside products. Binance’s recent innovation is DEX, which is a country-specific exchange curated for occurring companies. Moreover, with the resources at its disposal, Binance is also supporting different governments worldwide to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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Brian Armstrong

Armstrong is the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, the world’s largest Cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, Coinbase holds $7B worth of Bitcoin, around 966,230 Bitcoin across the globe in cold wallets. Before entering the realm of cryptocurrency trading, Armstrong has prior experience at Touche and Deloitte, where he served as Enterprise Risk Management Consultant.


26-year-old VitalikButerin, the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine, is an influential figure in cryptocurrency globally. When Buterin was in school, he was interested in cryptocurrency. He came to prominence back in 2012 after co-founded Bitcoin Magazine, which is the leading information source globally.

Buterin always felt that there are more ways to deal with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Eventually, he co-founded Ethereum, the second popular cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin.

Gavin Andresen

Gavin is a part of history when it comes to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading through the Bitcoin Pro platform. He started his cryptocurrency journey as the lead developer of Bitcoin Core, the original software-based on the blockchain. It was Andresen who received the code from someone or a group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto. It thus became one of the influential as well as a controversial individual in the cryptocurrency industry.

He might be the only person in the world known to interact with Satoshi Nakamoto, and he is single-handedly responsible for building the software for what it is today. You can also see more Blackstone Futures review here.

Charlie Lee

Before stepping into the world of cryptocurrency, Charlie Lee was an engineer at Google. After having curated Litecoin, a notable cryptocurrency and MD of Litecoin Foundation, Lee gained prominence as a cryptocurrency expert. He was also the Director of Engineering at the cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coinbase. If you are looking forward to learning about cryptocurrency and trading comprehensively, following Charlie Lee might change your cryptocurrency trading stance.

Charlie Lee might also be involved in SegWit.

Roger Ver

Ver’s journey in cryptocurrency is legendary. The ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ began his cryptocurrency journey as a promoter and early investor in the Bitcoin Pro. Additionally, Roger Ver was among the five notable founders of the Bitcoin Foundation. When Ver heard about Bitcoin back in 2011, he began to invest in the technology lavishly. Further, he also conducted educational activities to inform the masses about the potential of Bitcoin.

Back in 2017, Ver was vocal about the hard fork in Bitcoin, which led to the curation of Bitcoin Cash. In the following year, Roger also opposed the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, which led to the curation of Bitcoin SV.

David A. Marcus

The American entrepreneur David A. Marcus was PayPal’s former president. His career saw a transition from 2014 when he joined Facebook and headed Facebook Messenger. He began to study cryptocurrency, blockchain while working with Facebook. He was also in charge of the blockchain business of Facebook and joined Project Calibra in June 2019.

Libra, formerly Calibra, is Facebook’s forthcoming cryptocurrency, which is among the world’s controversial blockchain projects.

Jihan Wu

The co-founder and CEO of Bitmain, the significant computer chip company dedicated to Bitcoin mining, is one of the most influential people on the internet. Bitmain has already announced that the firm is working towards building the largest plant for Bitcoin mining globally.

Daniel Varzari

Varzari might be the brains behind Real Estate Investment Trusts and DVG GROUP CORP. As its co-founder & CEO, he has been advocating for blockchain technology and fintech from the beginning. Varzari, alongside Crypto Cloud, curated Crypto Fiat App, a platform for newcomers to buy Cryptocurrencies and start trading. Varzari is also planning to lead the crypto-fiat fintech market globally.

Peter Smith

Smith is one of the founders and CEO of Blockchain.com, a popular cryptocurrency wallet company in the world. Peter Smith has also released the institutional platform, Blockchain Principal Strategies, which aids investors, new or experienced investors, to access information related to cryptocurrency.

These top-notch influencers have been teaching people about cryptocurrency, crypto trading, among others. Given that there are several other big names in cryptocurrency, we found these people have an equilibrium towards profitable cryptocurrency trading.

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