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In spring 2022, some competitions, including the PGL Major Antwerp, are finally over. But now it’s time for WePlay Academy League Season 4, where the best teams in each league compete against each other. We are here to cover you with such things as:

  • all the details of the tournament;
  • some breakdowns of the teams;
  • our predictions for the first week of the group stage.

The format of the Tournament

WePlay Academy League is the tournament, with 14 teams competing for the prize of $100,000. The teams are divided into two groups depending on their regions. As always, the championship has three stages:

  1. Group stage: the 14 teams participate in a double round robin design, with matches at the Best of 1.
  2. Play-in: the three best teams in each group fight in the single-elimination phase, with matches at the Best of 3.
  3. Play-off: the winner of each of the Play-in series compete in the double-elimination format, with matches at the Best of 3.

Below you can find all the teams participating in the group stage:

  • Spirit Academy
  • Furia Academy
  • BIG Academy
  • NaVi Junior
  • GODSENT Academy
  • Young Ninjas
  • Astralis Talent
  • mouz NXT
  • Fnatic Rising
  • Apeks Rebels
  • 00Prospects
  • Eternal Fire Academy
  • OG Academy
  • Team Spirit Academy

WePlay Academy League S4 Predictions

From May 24 to June 26, CS:GO fans can wager on the WePlay Academy League S4 matches. With these games, it can be difficult for you to place bets on the game without knowing some breakdowns of the teams. That is why we are here to provide you with our predictions on the chosen matches.

Eternal Fire Academy vs GODSENT Academy

Being on line 161 of the HTLV classification, Eternal Fire Academy had a terrible performance in WePlay Academy League Season 3. Right now, the Turks continue to show depressing results. The 7-16 defeat to OG Academy and another 7-16 defeat to fnatic Rising. There is not a single strong shooter on the team. On any map, Eternal Fire Academy will have difficulties, and if it reaches ten rounds, it seems to be a miracle.

On the other hand, GODSENT Academy played at a high level and showed good results in the ESEA Cash Cup: South America. However, in the WePlay Academy League S4, the players did not have such a good start. The team has already lost one game in the match with OG Academy. That said, they managed to win 00Prospects by a result of 16-8. We think that GODSENT Academy is undoubtedly one level above its current opponent and have all the chances of beating the underdog with no problem, especially in Bo1.

  • When: May 28, 2022 at 9:40 p.m. CEST.
  • Last 5 matches: Eternal Fire Academy (2-3) / GODSENT Academy (3-2).
  • Last 10 matches: Eternal Fire Academy (3-7) / GODSENT Academy (5-5).
  • Head-to-head meetings: no matches played.

Fnatic Rising vs 00Prospects

With the replacement of the head coach, fnatic Rising completely changed the style of game. Recently, the new team showed a good performance in the first round of the WePlay Academy League Season 4 group stage, defeating Spirit Academy on the Nuke map.

On the other hand, the Norwegian team didn’t win anything significant, even in small tournaments. Now 00Prospects goes with the statistics 0-2 in the 4th season of the WePlay Academy League group stage. However, it should be noted that the team lost to such strong rivals as GODSENT Academy and mouz NXT. In addition, quite recently 00Prospects showed a good performance by reaching the semi-finals of ESEA Advanced Cash Cup: Europe – 2022. Therefore, we think that the team will show promising things at WePlay Academy League Season 4. So, pay attention to 00Prospects, as they can surprise in a match with fnatic Rising.

As for the maps, the most likely choice for 00Prospects is Vertigo. The team has a winning percentage of 83% on the last 6 maps.

  • When: May 28, 2022 at 11 p.m. CEST.
  • Last 5 matches: fnatic Rising (3-2) / 00Prospects (4-1).
  • Last 10 matches: fnatic Rising (6-4) / 00Prospects (7-3).
  • Head-to-head meetings: no matches played.

Astralis Talent vs FURIA Academy

Astralis Talent made some very cool highlights in the short term once they replaced the head coach. Before the start of this WePlay Academy League season, the team managed to win MistGames Heroes of Tomorrow and Gamebox Invitational. After that, the Danes defeated BIG Academy at the youth level. As for the maps, the best choices in terms of victory percentage for Astralis Talent are Vertigo, Overpass, and Ancient. At the same time, FURIA Academy has only held a few official matches on these maps.

The Brazilian team took the first place in Gamers Club Liga Série B: April 2022. However, in the past WePlay Academy League Season 3, all that was not seen anywhere. FURIA Academy became the last. The team continues to present sad results, and we are not sure that FURIA Academy will show something special now.

  • When: May 29, 2022 at 12:20 a.m. CEST.
  • Last 5 matches: Astralis Talent (4-1) / FURIA Academy (3-2).
  • Last 10 matches: Astralis Talent (9-1) / FURIA Academy (4-6).
  • Head-to-head meetings: 2 matches played between them (1-1).

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