All You Need To Know About Games as a Service

When I ask people about their favorite game, Counter-Strike is the most instantaneous answer I get to hear, specifically THE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE. Being the fourth in the series, CSGO: Counter Strike Global Offensive was launched in 2012 for Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. While the foundation of the game remains unchanged, two new modes- Arms Race and Demolition were added to the other modes, making a list of 9 modes, all with some unique characteristics.

Various game weapons were being added, including sub-machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and a taser. Along with other updates, CSGO also introduced the new ‘TRUSTED MODE,’ which acts like an anti-cheat tech that keeps third-party software away from the players and blocks the software before it starts to interact with the game!

While It has gained popularity among the players, it was criticized for differences between the console and the PC version. Nevertheless, the authentic gameplay gave a flexible and satisfying experience and is among the most profitable disciplines of Esports.

Players use all the hacks to boost ranks and win friends. CSGO offers various accounts to help them achieve the same. These accounts are the ultimate aim for all the players. It not only helps them practice more gain an insight into all possible technicalities of the gameplay. Let’s understand each one of them!


An Account is purely made for the higher ranked players to practice with the players ranking below them, to gain experience and gear up for the real battle. CSGO, being a multiplayer game, gives an advantage to other players who are already ahead in the game to practice shooting battles with lower-ranked players. The Smurf accounts are also reasonably priced with assured quality. You Can Buy CSGO Smurf Account From MYOWNRANK.

It enhances the player’s gaming skills and gives him the fair techniques to take his game to another level. This also benefits inexperienced players as they learn new strategies used by more mature players.


This type of account is concerned with Matchmaking as a prime account holder can only play with another player who owes a Prime Account. However, it has an eligibility criterion without which no player cannot access the prime account.

The criteria say that the player must be above or equal to the 21-rank level. Suppose you are a new player; you can also buy the prime account and get rid of the hassle of reaching a certain level. This will save a lot of time and will directly let you compete with the more trained and experienced players. It will also provide you better equipment, and you could learn better tactics by playing alongside highly proficient players.You Can Buy CSGO Prime Account From Smurfuniverse


This account can provide you with the best experience. As you go up the level or ranks, you become equipped with more advanced features and weapons. If you are looking for one good account, this is the one for you! This account might be a little expensive, but it is worthy of having one main account with some fascinating features than multiple mediocre accounts.



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