A woman’s confidence, at first sight, can be seen in the quality of her hair, from her natural roots to the flowing extensions; this is why it is essential to give your hair the best care. Curly extensions are a handful when it comes to handling and maintenance, and this is where most women have difficulties, especially with curly hair extensions. Look no further because we have compiled below some curly hair extension tips that will help you maintain your curly hair so that you can always step out like the Queen you are.

It starts with your Natural hair

One of the secrets to getting it right with your extensions is to make sure that the health of your natural hair is excellent. Apart from making you feel great, it ensures that your hair is ever ready to wear your extensions. To keep them in good condition, you have to make sure you keep them clean and moisturised. Make it a routine to ensure that your natural hair is always in perfect health.


Once you’re good on the first tip, the next thing you need to do is get your curls in the best style that suits you. Let them flow; let them be free. Let the people who see it admire it and know that you’re not holding back your style. In addition, a piece of information that will work perfectly well with the next tip is never to style your hair when it is dry; it breaks off easily that way.

Moisturise as required

Your curls need to stand out. Dry curls won’t do you any good; they are unhealthy, begin to irritate, and break easily. Whatever care routine you give to your natural hair, replicate them for your curly extension. Just make sure to keep a habit where your extensions are nurtured and well-conditioned. Also, note that you don’t have to over-wash your hair; you don’t need to use shampoo every day.

Tangled hair?

Well, more often than other styles, a curly extension can get tangled up bad. It is unfortunate, we know, but whenever this happens, don’t panic and don’t rush, detangle gently and don’t force it. Never use a tiny comb to detangle; it might turn your curls into itchy fluffs. A wide-tooth comb should do the job. Your hair will thank you for it.

However, if you keep to your hair care routine, you almost would never have to worry about this. Another tip is to make sure you never sleep with your hair out; get yourself a silk bonnet. Your hair needs to be protected even when you take your beauty rest. That way, when you wake up, you have your hair ready to go.

Remove it right

If your curly extensions are taped-in, you need to take this advice seriously – for the sake of your hair and your curly extensions – it might just be the best curly hair extension tip that you need.

Whenever you remove your extensions, use tape in extension remover. Make sure the product is applied by a professional. We don’t want you having a harmful or painful experience. A professional will always do the right thing with your hair.

You own the hair; it doesn’t own you

Whenever you rock your curls, you must be the beauty in the picture, and the hair is only there to compliment you. Therefore, step out proud, don’t compromise, flaunt it. You took your curly hair extension tips seriously, and they served you well, so be confident about it.

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