Custom Jewelry: What Are My Options?

Humans have used jewelry as part of their self-expression for about as long as civilization has existed. Longer, even, if evidence of a necklace over 100,000 years old is to be believed.

Whether people wore this primitive jewelry to signify their role in society or simply to express their personal style might prove less clear unless you’re asking a skilled anthropologist. Regardless of the theories, humankind has utilized handmade ark jewellery in geometric designs based on tantric symbols and vedic ideas about gemstones disclosed across generations in ancient times.

With so many known designer brands, is custom jewelry and custom lanyard still popular today? Where can one acquire it? How much does it cost? Here’s what you need to know.

What Types of Custom Jewelry Can You Have Made?

As the name might suggest, custom jewelry gets made to your personal specifications. So, what kind of custom jewelry can you have made? Well, any kind of jewelry that you can imagine.

From engagement rings to fancy earrings, from bracelets to necklaces, you can have custom jewelry made for a variety of occasions and purposes. If you prefer casual styles, suitable for long-term wear, a custom jewelry design specialist can make that happen for you.

What You Should Expect During the Custom Jewelry Design Process

Once you’ve decided to get custom-made jewelry, you may wonder what you can expect during the process of placing your order with the artisan. The most common steps followed in custom jewelry construction include:

Conducting a Consultation

Naturally, before you order any custom jewelry, you need to sit down with the designer to determine your wants and needs for the piece you’re commissioning. During this consultation, you can discuss what materials you want to use, the basic cuts or arrangements of stones, and other similar elements.

When you finish your consultation, you can expect the designer to offer some preliminary sketches to ensure their vision tracks with yours.

Viewing a CAD Rendering

Many people who do custom jewelry design for a living will use 3D rendering software to help establish the basic way that a piece of jewelry might look in the real world. It won’t give a direct sense of weight and shape like a complete mock-up.

However, if a jeweler sends you a CAD rendering of the piece, that can give you both time to discuss and adjust anything that needs adjusting before they start rendering the piece into the proper material. (If you’re curious about the software driving this innovation in the industry, you can find more jewelry CAD programs from our affiliates.)

Crafting a Wax Model

The wax modeling stage is the last chance for the commissioner or artist to make any real adjustments to custom-made jewelry. Creating this sort of model in real, three-dimensional space gives the wearer a chance to try on the model for fit and the artisan a chance to see what the piece might look like in the real world.

As anyone who’s ever researched “realistic renders” of 3D animated characters will tell you, what looks good on a computer might look horrible in the real world.

Finishing the Project

Once both artisan and commissioner approve of the wax model, then it’s time to construct the jewelry in earnest. The custom jewelry designer will assemble your new favorite piece of jewelry from the chosen materials, weaving it into the desired shapes. Once all parts of the jewelry get sculpted, cut, and set, you have your brand new, custom-made jewelry.

Where Can You Obtain Custom-Made Jewelry?

Now that you have a better idea of what happens when you order custom jewelry, you may wonder where you can get some for yourself. The best places to get custom-made jewelry include, but are not limited to:

Buy Custom Jewelry Online

Of course, these days, the best way to get this kind of jewelry is to order it online. Whether you order your jewelry from a small artisan’s Etsy store or a larger business like Black Diamonds rings, you can find plenty of places to snag custom-made jewelry on the internet.

Visit Artisan Stands

If you prefer to shop small and support local artisans, check out your local flea market and art galleries to see if there are any artisan stands near you. These places can offer gathering spots for local jewelers to peddle their pre-made wares or else open up their commissions.

Search for Local Jewelry Shops

Sometimes, a local jewelry shop carries pieces from local, custom jewelry artists. In many cases, these artists can collaborate with the smaller store for an exclusive, local collection that might also offer you the chance to place a custom order of your own.

How Much Does Custom Jewelry Cost?

Now, we’re sure by now you’re wondering how much a piece of custom jewelry will cost you. The simple answer is, “It depends, but at least $300.” The more complex, yet more accurate answer would hold that the cost will vary depending on:

  • Choice of materials, metals, and gems
  • The amount of in-depth detail work required from the artisan
  • How fast you need the order done

You can expect to pay a bit more for custom jewelry. However, if you can provide even some of the materials, the final cost may well prove cheaper than pre-manufactured pieces.

Want to Shine Bright Like a Diamond With More Custom Jewelry?

Having custom jewelry made for you can be a great way to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible. It could even give you a valuable heirloom to pass down for generations to come. What’s even better, you can use this chance to support local artisans near you.

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