If you grind your teeth at night and are looking for the right solution to the issue, you should consider getting a tooth grinding guard. And, it’s worthwhile to seek treatment for teeth grinding immediately, if not you might end up having to consider Dental implants in plantation.

Also known as bruxism, teeth grinding is an irritating problem that causes pain and physical damage to the teeth and jaws.

Here is what you need to know about teeth grinding and the right solution for you?

Why You Need a Night Guard

Bruxism can cause several damages and affect the quality of life. This condition can result in broken fillings or crowns, severe tooth pain, tooth loss and sensitivity, lack of quality sleep, snoring, and more.

Though the causes of bruxism are still unclear, you can reduce its effects with a good night guard. A night guard helps relieve pain, prevent teeth damage and reduce the symptoms of teeth grinding.

Night Guards protect and cushions teeth, preventing tension, overbites, and underbites and preserving your oral and overall health. If you grind your teeth, you can choose between getting an over-the-counter or custom night guard. Click here to view some effective custom night guards you can consider.

Difference between Custom and Over the Counter Night Guards

Depending on your diagnosis, your dentist will recommend either a custom-made night guard or an over-the-counter night guard from a pharmacy. Though these two serve the same purpose, they are quite different and can deliver different results.

1. Over the Counter Night Guards

Over-the-counter night guards offer a one size fits all solution. They are designed to provide any mouth regardless of the shape or size and are available in drug stores and online shops. Note that their durability and type of material will depend on the brand.

Boil-and-bite night guards are over-the-counter night guards which require softening with heat before use. As the night guard hardens, it forms an impression on your teeth. Though the boil and bite night guards can create a good fit for the teeth, they will not provide a secure fit.

Some night guard providers also use a patient’s dental impressions to create a better fitting guard. However, these still don’t always fit perfectly.

2. Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

If you need the best-fitting night guard, you should choose a custom night guard for your mouth. Your dentist will take an accurate and professional impression of your teeth and send it to the laboratory to have it custom-made to fit your teeth exactly.

A custom night guard for teeth grinding is safer, more comfortable, and durable. Though they may be pricier, they offer value for money. Your dentist will also recommend the right option according to your situation.

For example, they will recommend a softer night guard and a hybrid or hard night guard for harder grinders or clenchers in case of a mild problem. Your dentist will also determine if you should have a lower or an upper night guard.

Choose the Right Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Though an over-the-counter night guard may offer a quick and cheap solution, it will not be comfortable and may present a choking hazard. If you want a safe and comfortable solution based on the shape of your mouth and needs, you should consider getting a custom night guard.

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