Dance with the Beat

Since its inception, the modest jazz shoe has gone a long way, appearing on the feet of legends like Bob Fosse and becoming the must have’ dance item of the 1980s jazz era (along with the high-cut leotard, of course!). Not only has there been a development in how you dance, but there has also been an improvement in what you wear to dance and how that is designed and manufactured as a result of the more significant experience and enhancements within the dance field. The criteria you’ll have for your shoes may vary depending on your age, how frequently you dance, and even how you like your shoes to fit. For your convenience, we’ve offered a description of jazz shoes essential features and advantages to make your selection a little simpler. This will enable you to keep dancing to the beat of your drumbeat while being comfortable.


In contrast to the other jazz shoes in the collection, the Complete Sole Jazz Shoe is the only shoe with an entire sole to give all-day support and comfort. It is very beneficial for developing foot strength and pushing you to progress through your demi-pointe and pointe positions, making it an excellent option for younger dancers who wish to build strong, flexible feet. Its entire sole also offers the capability of accommodating an orthotic or insole, which may provide additional support where it is required. It is made of soft quality leather, allowing maximum breathability without sacrificing durability or strength. Its lace-up design also allows for a customised fit, making it a suitable shoe for even the broadest or narrowest of feet. You will be able to select the shoe that best meets your needs in both black and tan.


The Split Sole Jazz Shoe, similar to the entire sole jazz shoe, is the second lace-up jazz shoe in the collection. Sh shoelaces allow for a more customised and customisable fit than the whole of sole jazz shoe. This shoe, which is also constructed of fine leather and has soft cotton inside, delivers comfort and durability without jeopardising the shoe’s structural integrity. With a split sole structure that contours to your arch for a great fit and improves the shape of your foot. Shoes with laces are ideal for dancers who wish to draw attention to their arch while retaining the security and specific fit that shoelaces provide. You will find the shoe that best suits your needs because it is the only one available in white, tan, and black.


The Pull-On Split Sole Jazz Shoe is the perfect shoe for people who have a wide foot but a narrow foot. It is made of soft quality leather and has an elastic insert on the top of the foot’s arch, which provides additional support and security for the foot. Its pull-on method eliminates the need to worry about shoelaces coming undone, and its low profile gives it a sleek, streamlined appearance while still providing outstanding mobility of movement. The split sole design contours to the foot’s arch, resulting in a flawless line. It is actually available in black and tan colours, allowing you to select the colour that best suits your style.


The Slip-On Split Sole Jazz Boot is a popular choice among jazz dancers who want a more ‘boot-like’ type of jazz shoe. It actually features a slightly higher fit on the top of the foot than the other jazz shoes in the line, in fact giving additional covering and increased ankle support. In the sides of the shoe, elastic inserts improve flexibility and fit while also enabling it to accommodate a variety of foot shapes. In addition, it is constructed of soft quality leather, ensuring that it is both sturdy and comfortable. This shoe’s split sole design increases the line of both the foot and the shoe, ensuring that you have the best fit possible. Because it is available in both black and tan, you will have the choice of selecting the shoe that is most perfect for your requirements.


The Neoprene Jazz Boot is a popular choice among many people. Its lightweight, flexible structure gives the impression that you are hardly wearing a shoe. Yet, the shock-absorbing and impact-protective soles ensure that you are receiving enough support and protection at all times. For example, the Neoprene Jazz Boot contains neoprene material below the foot’s arch, which increases flexibility while also allowing the shoe to emphasise the foot’s arch. This is in contrast to other split sole designs with a rubber sole. This shoe’s sleek profile and pull-on design make it an excellent choice for those who need to change their shoes quickly. It is also available in any jazz shoe’s most significant adult sizes, going up to an adult AU 15. Many dancers consider it an excellent all-arounder because of these characteristics and the attractive appearance of the neoprene material used. There are actually two colour options for you to choose from and they are black and tan.

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