Dark colours are highly avoided for most people when it comes to painting any part of your room, except the doors and windows. But this notion of not using dark colours in homes is changing.

Young couples and millennial homeowners want their home decor to stand out and make a statement and use dark colours to paint their living room or bedroom to stand out from the crowd.

There is nothing wrong with using dark colours as your preferred home decor choice. It is experimental and has untapped aesthetical value. However,  if not leveraged with the suitable colour scheme of furniture and other home decor elements, it can be a disaster.

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Here are some ideas to leverage dark colours for any room

  • Dark Bathrooms

Paint one part of your bathroom in black. It has a dramatic and contrasting effect against the white bathroom fittings. It holds an allure like you are entering into a different world. Also, it is very eye-catching.

  • Blackboard walls

Blackboard chalk wall for your kid’s room. This will give their room a fun and practical effect. Your kids can draw on the wall and give it whatever pattern. You can also remove the chalk work later.

  • Brown coloured walls

Brown coloured living rooms or study room sounds and looked very very 18th century. But, one cannot deny the rustic charm of it. It is not the 18th century, and one may need not go all brown. With the brown coloured walls, one can have white furniture and some pink elements such as a lamp or a carpet. This would keep the rusticity intact and, at the same time, break the monotonous brown effect.

  • Black Bedrooms

Many young couples are experimenting with their bedroom colours and aesthetics. Instead of choosing pastel colours, they are more comfortable with black coloured bedrooms. It has an element of mystery and privacy attached to it. Some couples prefer the grandeur theme of having black walls, contrasting with white canopy beds and curtains; others have a boho vibe of black and white patterned bedroom colour.

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  • Yin and Yang

After the release of reality shows on Netflix of popular celebrities, the yin and yang colour patterns have started to gain popularity. It often comes with chessboard texture and adds a touch of sophistication on kitchen and living room walls

  • Ocean Blue

Pop culture influence of sitcoms have popularized the colour of ocean blue bedroom. It has a touch of elegance and professionalism. Although it is a dark colour, but it meets the aesthetic quotient.

Well, dark colours are in the raging in home decor, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But having a part of your home in the dark-coloured scheme can be pretty personal and experimental. It can add the vibe of your personal space, which may be hidden to the prying eyes. You can use dark colours for the guest room, rather than the rest of the house. Nevertheless, this colour scheme can be tried out and leveraged well with the correct matching elements to make your home stand out

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