Dating Tips for Current Times

To put it mildly, the past year has been a doozy. You’re now working remotely and are worried about the health of your elderly loved ones. And, while you’ve had a few driveway coffee dates with close friends, for the most part, you haven’t had a lot of human interaction.

Until now, that is. For instance, maybe you have a virtual date scheduled for next week via Zoom or you’ve realized the flame is long gone from your long-term relationship and you want to find a way to rev things up again. Conversely, you may have recently started dating someone great but are feeling nervous and unsure about how to spend time together.

Fortunately, none of these situations are insurmountable and you definitely have what it takes to handle any of them, with some help from the following tips:

Realizing Zoom Dating Can Be Fun — Really!

Talking with a romantic interest via Zoom, Google Hangouts and the like is definitely not the same as a face-to-face conversation over coffee or dinner, but it can still be enjoyable. To ensure the virtual date goes as smoothly as possible, take time to get ready and prepare as if you were meeting in person. This means putting on makeup, brushing your teeth, and wearing nice clothing, among other important to-dos. 

Then, a few days before the virtual date, practice with a supportive friend who can tell you whether the spot you’ve chosen in your home has good lighting or if it makes you look all washed out. It also wouldn’t hurt to see if your smartphone or laptop is positioned in a way that your face doesn’t look distorted. Ahead of the date, plan some things to do with your new romantic interest — anything from games to ordering takeout and enjoying your meal together.

Rekindling the Spark

For many people, this past year has been rather stressful — and you and your sweetie have both been so worried about your finances, health, well-being and more that you’ve forgotten to focus on each other. To rekindle that spark, a little extra flirting with your partner would go a long way; just make sure it’s consistent and not a one-time thing. 

Of course, whatever you did to get his or her attention when you first started dating can be used again. Plus, this will help your honey know you’re still madly in love with and totally into him or her. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can “sext” each other, even if you’re both together in the house at the time. 

To really add that extra spark, shop for some sexy garters and other racy lingerie for yourself or your partner to wear. When they arrive home, send a flirty text to let him or her know there will be a special surprise waiting in the bedroom that night. Then, either present the lingerie to your love or enter the room wearing it.

Dealing with COVID-Related Social Anxiety

After spending so much time away from other people, it can certainly feel odd to be face to face with them again. To help cope with these feelings, focus on what you can do to help feel more at ease. For instance, if you’re going on a second date with someone great and you don’t want to seem like you’re cold or indifferent, address the situation honestly by saying something like, “I’m really looking forward to seeing you, but it’s taking me a while to get used to being around others again, so please don’t think I’m not interested in you.” Indeed, this honest approach will help to not only address your feelings but also set the stage for the date. Plus, chances are your new friend may feel the same way and will be relieved to know he or she is not alone.

You’ve Got This

Dating and relationships can be challenging in the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic. But by approaching your Zoom date with a plan and a great outfit, finding ways to bring the fun back into your relationship, and being up-front and accepting of your emotions about in-person dating, you’ll get through these trying times with flying colors.

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