Debunking 5 Most Common Myths about Developing a Website with Drupal

Drupal has become one of the most trusted ways of content management in the past few years.

However, the more drupal has grown into the business world, the more people have developed misconceptions about it. This article has debunked the 5 most common misconceptions about drupal in simpler words.

Have a look at the myths followed by factual information!

Myth 1: Drupal is Not Engineered for Beginners 

Factual Information 

Most people have this false belief that drupal is too hard to understand, especially if you are just starting.

The root cause of this misconception is underlying factors like intimidating codebases, hefty memory systems, and the development of software which are hard to design as a complete beginner.

Well, all these factors are true. However, it doesn’t imply that drupal is not beginners friendly. With a little understanding of drupal development services, you can go with it.

Myth 2: Drupal is Not Flexible 

Factual Information 

The majority of people get intimidated when they hear about drupal because they think drupal will bind them to a single thing and will force its own set of rules and regulations upon it.

This is not the case. Drupal is an open-source system that welcomes all innovative ideas and ensures that the users get their work done using all the latest marketing models and entrants.

Myth 3: Drupal Does Not Have a Customer Support System 

Factual Information 

Most people don’t use this service because they have a fear that no one will guide them if things get out of hand during the development process.

However, this is not true. Drupal is not standing alone. It is a community of organizations that you can contact at any time for getting your problem solved, questions answered and confusion cleared.

For example, one such company is which you can contact when you need assistance or professional guidance.

Myth 4: Drupal Lacks Security 

Factual Information 

Privacy and security are something every establishing and established companies demand when they sign a contract with any content management system.

Most companies think that drupal has no checks and balances and that their corporate data and other legal documents are always on the verge of misplacing, misuse or leakage. This isn’t the case.

Drupal has a professional team that ensures proper security for the customers and takes into account the privacy of data that customers have entrusted them with.

Myth 5: Drupal is Not Speedy 

Factual Information 

Most users have the misconception that drupal doesn’t work efficiently and lacks any support for certain tasks.

The above misconception is quite true. This is because drupal was engineered for a distinct purpose, and it is fulfilling that void in the best manner. For instance, it was designed for educational purposes, social portals, non-branded and branded web pages, and digital marketing.

It works fine when used for the above purposes. However, the system becomes sluggish when it is forced to do the work it is not designed to do, like it can’t work efficiently with purpose-built internet applications.

Final Thoughts 

The majority of people have misconceptions about drupal development services. This article has debunked the 5 most common misconceptions about drupal.

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