Deck or Patio: Three Reasons to Choose a Deck

To most homeowners, a deck or a patio might mean the same. A deck contractor might disagree though. Before scheduling a deck construction, let’s understand first the difference between a deck and a patio.

A deck is an outdoor space turned into a house extension. It is attached to your home and doesn’t have a roof. It is often made of hardwood or lumber. A patio is a separate outdoor space, Watson’s patio umbrella store and created to cater to your outdoor needs. It is paved and is often made of concrete, bricks, or stones.

Three Reasons to Choose a Deck

It works regardless of your outdoor space’ physical terrain

Deck construction can happen even if you have uneven terrain. You can ask your deck builders Richmond VA to build an elevated deck. Your deck contractor can determine the height of your deck to get you a ‘good view’ of your surroundings as well.

It works well in the summer

Since Commercial Deck contractors often use wood for deck construction, you can enjoy colder temperatures during summer. Wooden decks are good for absorbing heat. With a wooden deck, the entire family can just stay outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and give your AC a break.

There are varieties of designs and styles for decks

You can paint your wooden decks with any color you desire. You can even stain it to customize it. You can design it to match your home’s exterior design.

Just like concrete, there are different ways to make a wooden deck stylish. However, looking at the market trends today, homes with wooden decks cost slightly higher than homes with concrete decks or patios.

Since wooden decks are easier to design, you can repaint as often as you want, depending on your mood or preference. Repainting wouldn’t cost you much, but it can give your home a brand-new look every time.

Different Types of Deck

Attached deck

Most decks are outdoor extensions of the home that is attached to the house. It is often built at the back. Because it is attached, it is easier to reach, and it makes setting up easier and smoother (say dinner parties or barbecue night setups).

Detached deck

A detached deck is not directly connected to the home but is attached by stairs, a bridge, or a pathway. It can be built anywhere in the backyard while being accessible from the main home.

Wraparound deck

As the name implies, this type of deck allows a deck builder to build a deck that surrounds the home. This is the type of deck that runs around the house, accessible to any point or room from the inside. Some deck builders create an L-shaped deck depending on the house’s style.

Rooftop deck

If deck construction on the ground is not possible, you can have a rooftop deck. This is often seen on houses with flat roofs. People living in high places or with scenic views often have a deck construction on their rooftop to take advantage of the beautiful scenery around them.

Poolside/Pond deck

People with enormous backyard often have pools or ponds. One way to enjoy such a backyard is by having a deck next to it. You can ask your trusted deck contractor if you have a pool and want a poolside deck.

Things to Remember Before Hiring A Deck Builder

For one, most deck construction uses wood as its main material. This means you have to consider regular maintenance from deck contractors Strasburg VA to prolong the life of your deck.

Since it is exposed to different weather conditions, you can expect your wooden deck to discolor and rot easily when not properly maintained.

Wooden decks can also limit the number of people you can have in your deck. If you think your deck will face high traffic in the future, you might want to reconsider different materials for your deck or a different outdoor platform for your home.

Final Thought

Deck construction is one project that you should not put on hold this year. Having a deck doesn’t just increase your home’s attractiveness, it also equates to investment. In case you need to put your home for sale, people who are in the market for properties are often looking for a home with a wooden deck – and that’s 70% of them.

With a deck, you might also find it easier and more relaxing to stay on it than curl in your air conditioned bedroom. It is a great way to reconnect with nature. Families are now giving their kids outdoor time by letting them play on their decks, away from the risk of viruses and bacteria in crowded streets and parks.

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