6 Secrets to Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you’re in the market for a roofing contractor, then this is your ultimate guide. AJ Reliable roofing contractors provide all sorts of services including installation, repair and replacement. Roofing can be an expensive investment so it’s important to do your research before choosing one. Here are 11 questions that any potential customer should ask during the selection process:

What type of insurance coverage does my roofer have?

Any roofing contractor should be insured for both workman’s compensation and general liability. A roofer’s insurance policy will protect you in case one of your roofers is injured on the job. If there is a roofing accident that causes damage to your property or other structures, it will also cover this damage.

Does your roofer have any references?

A roofing company (like for example – Advosy) with good credentials will not hesitate to give you names and contact information of previous customers who can vouch for their workmanship. This list should include people living nearby so you can follow up with them directly – if they are available. You might want to call some of these references ahead of time just to see how satisfied they are with their roofer’s service.

What is your roofer’s roofing warranty?

This warranty should cover all repairs and replacement associated with the roof for a certain period of time—typically around a decade. This might seem like an ordinary question but it helps to ask it and have even written proof of this contract just in case the roofer decides to go under before they complete the job. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that they are invested in providing good workmanship for many years to come.

Ask for references from friends and family

If you know of someone who might have needed roofing services recently, then ask them for a roofer’s name and phone number. Warm referrals are often the shortest route to finding roofers because they have nothing to hide. They can give you real answers about roofing costs, reliability and workmanship.

Does your roofer service an area near me?

This is especially important if you’re searching in a big city with hundreds or even thousands of roofing contractors available. While it may be simple enough for local roofers to come out and perform inspections and quotes, it’s always good to narrow down your selection based on geographical proximity first before looking at other factors like cost and customer feedback.

Does my roofer offer free roofing inspections?

Since roofers often give free roofing estimates, taking the initiative to ask this question will prove you as a more proactive customer. Most roofers offer roof inspection services for free and it’s usually done before any work is done on your roof. The roofers doing the inspection might even find an issue with your roof that would’ve been difficult or expensive to detect after they started working on it. This saves everyone time and money so be sure to take advantage of this service if offered.

How does my roofer repair my roof leaks?

The way a roofer repairs your roof leak will depend on the severity and location of damage in your roof. If there is some minor exterior damage like shingles, then roofers might just need to replace a few roof shingles. However, roofers will often simply add roof sealant or roof coating around the leaky spot if it’s something that is hard to fix.

Does my roofer offer roof replacement?

A roofer offering roof replacement also does repairs and installations but they do it more often than other roofers. With all three options at your disposal, choosing roof replacement means you will have access to all of your roofer’s specialties as opposed to just one like with repair and installation services. This option comes with the highest price tag so be sure you know what you’re getting for your money before making this decision. If you decide that this is the right move for now, roofing companies will often give you a roof replacement estimate that includes roof repairs and roof installations.

What does my roofer do to prevent future roof damage?

To keep your roof in optimal condition, roofers use techniques like roof inspections and even roof maintenance services – which typically don’t cost extra. They might check your gutters for damage, measure the pitch of your roof or they may even recommend specific modifications to make it easier to clean in the future. This is especially important if you don’t have time to maintain your own roof but still want proper upkeep without paying for someone else’s labor every month.

Does my roofer offer free estimates or quotes?

Every reputable professional in the business offer free estimates or quotes for roofing repairs, roof installations and roof replacements. This not only shows their confidence in their abilities but it also ensures that you will be able to understand the roofing cost quickly and easily. The roofer should detail everything so there are no questions about anything – even if they must create multiple quotes for different roofing options and budgets.

Do my roofers have any insurance and licensing?

This question is especially important if you’ve decided to hire your roofer for new roof installation. While some materials can be safely installed without certain licenses, many local or state governments require a contractor to have proper licensing before installing anything from steel shingles to clay tiles. If they don’t have the proper licensing, then it’s likely that you will need to hire someone else who has them so ask this critical question first before moving forward with your project.

Does my roofer offer financing?

If it turns out that you cannot afford full-blown roof replacement right now, consider asking about financing options offered by most professional roofers. Although loans are typically only available for actual home improvement projects like roof replacement, installation or repair services are sometimes included. Be sure to double check with your roofer to make sure that a specific service is eligible before applying for any financing so you don’t waste time filling out unnecessary credit applications.

How much experience do my roofers have?

Years of experience in the industry goes without saying but every project and every construction zone is different which means you should be asking this question as well. Ask about the number of years they’ve worked with your type of material because it’s far easier to work on asphalt shingles than clay tiles if you’re inexperienced with both. Also ask about their average customer satisfaction rate among previous customers – this can tell you whether or not they are trustworthy and reliable.

Is my roofer a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Asking this is especially important if you’re planning on hiring someone for roof repairs, installation or replacement. If they are not members of the BBB, consider asking why – it could be because they have negative reviews online or previous customers were not satisfied with their work. Regardless, make sure that your contractor has been vetted by the BBB so you can rest assured knowing that they are professional and reliable.

What kind of warranty do my roofers offer?

Roofers in general will give you warranties on both material and labor but only for a short period of time like one year after completion. You should ask about what qualifies as defective material or how much labor costs before signing on the dotted line – this ensures that you stay informed and know exactly what to expect from your roofing contractor.

Does my roofer perform ALL work?

Although it’s tempting to ask a contractor to do all the work for you, you should know that there are important legal and safety reasons not to allow anyone who is not certified or insured on your property. This includes someone who only performs a single portion of the job like just re-shingling. A good roofer will be able to explain why they choose certain materials but if they refuse or simply don’t have an answer, go with someone else. They should also offer tips on how best to maintain your new roof in order to extend its lifespan as well as providing referrals to reliable and affordable roofers in the area.

Do my roofers have enough experience installing my specific material?

From asphalt shingles to clay tiles, there are thousands of different materials out there. Ask about experience with your type before signing any contracts because it’s far easier to work on a known quantity than something completely new if you’re inexperienced. Just like asking about licensing and insurance, make sure that they can provide proof that they have worked with your type of material for at least one year or more because if they cannot, then the warranty will be void from the get-go.

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